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rummy 500 play

Tips of Playing Online Rummy 500 Like a Professional

For centuries now rummy is being played by different individuals in different parts of the world. The game is as old as the history dates back. There has been dedicated players for a long time of this game. And from the time online rummy has

rummy positive development

Positive Developments in Online Rummy in 2020

Rummy is not a modern game. Indian rummy has been around for centuries now. Ask any aged Indian and you’ll find somewhere or the other they’ve definitely played the card game. Whether online or offline, the game has always been addictive. However, now you’ll find

rummy tricks without joker

Tricks of Playing and Winning Rummy Without Joker

13 cards rummy is the commonest form of online rummy that most of the players prefer playing. Especially, Indians are literally addicted to this game of rummy. Once you start playing the game, you’ll relish the same. Not only will you get the opportunity of

your brilliance in rummy game

Positive Signs Indicating Your Brilliance in Rummy Game

Rummy has been in Indian families for a decade. Although the new version of rummy apps may be trending now, sitting around with family and relatives to play rummy in any Indian festival, has been a long-practiced tradition. If you’re a rummy addict then what kind of