What are the Similarities between War and Rummy Game Strategies?

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The right strategies can make you win a battle, even before it is fought! As much negative as the concept of war may seem, it is an ultimate place to showcase the cleverest strategies. A good strategy coupled with smart techniques is the only way to become a winner in a war. You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a huge strategic similarity between online rummy and war strategies.

Just like a warrior, a rummy player needs to be highly calculative. The right skills at the right time can definitely make you a winner in online rummy apps. Does the comparison seem strange? Then, read on to know more.

Planning is a common starting point:

Whether to be an attacker or a defender? Every soldier just before starting the war first sits and chalks out a full-proof plan for the battle. Watch any movie or read any historic narration, you’ll always find a good planner has been the ultimate winner of any battle. While playing online rummy in-app, get your plans set first. And as soon as you plan out your gameplay, you can start organizing the cards in your hand. Getting a pure sequence should always be your first target. Rummy game is as interesting as a battle. If you know how to plan out the game smartly, you can probably increase your winning chances.

Playing with the weaker ones:

It might sound a selfish strategy, but in war, the unskilled and weakest soldiers are sent out first. For obvious reasons, because if all the strong and skilled ones get exhausted in the initial stages then the battle will be lost. Similarly, while playing a rummy card game, discarding the weakest cards at the very beginning helps you to keep your points lower. Which are your weakest cards? Either the high-valued ones of the low valued ones – get rid of them as soon as possible. moreover, if you find there are cards in your hand that will not be used for any sequence or set, then why keep it?

Training and practice are the keys to success:

The more you train the better you get. This holds for anything in life. Playing the rummy game also improves with time if you train hard. If you’re thinking of attending some training classes, then get it clear that there’s none. Training here means practicing free games at times to improve the skills and thinking capabilities. A warrior adopts a similar pattern. Every soldier or warrior is trained hard so that they can be prompt, skilled, and can manage every adverse situation in the battle-field.

No fear of the unknown opponent:

In war and rummy, the person next to you is a complete stranger. Before the event starts it’s impossible to predict the nature, moves, and strategies of the opponent. A war veteran always knows how to make the best use of the ammunition and the people. Similarly, a good Indian rummy player also should know the best way to use the cards in hand.

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