Positive Developments in Online Rummy in 2020

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Rummy is not a modern game. Indian rummy has been around for centuries now. Ask any aged Indian and you’ll find somewhere or the other they’ve definitely played the card game. Whether online or offline, the game has always been addictive. However, now you’ll find many variations of rummy ranging from Gin, 500 to Points, 13 cards and 21 cards rummy. The names might be different but the basic rules are more or less same.

However, with advent of opportunities of playing rummy online, the game has gained more popularity in comparison to the other variations of card games. The way the internet connections and technology is taking up the gaming sector, it’s quiet predictable that the games will attain new heights. Playing rummy game in apps, have become so easy that the future for online card games are definitely looking bright!

How will 2020 affect the growing trend of online rummy segment? To know more, read on.

More smartphones mean more users

2020 has seen the advent of more new versions of smart phones and iPhones. With coming years, we expect the versions to get better and more upgraded. So, in short it is expected that more number of online rummy apps will be made and launched. The new versions of android and iOS are highly adaptable for the online gaming opportunities. Not only they provide a real-life gaming experience, but also makes games visually attractive.

Lockdown and pandemic opening new gates

Yes, 2020 is the year that’ll certainly be remembered for these two terms. The sudden pandemic has already thrusted people into the four enclosed corners of their homes. Staying aloof and isolated makes the people highly vulnerable and stressed. Majority of the online rummy apps have encountered huge traffic over the past few months. Reasons are obvious! If you’re getting bored while your stuck, earning money by playing a game is not a bas option at all.

People are becoming tech savvy

Technology has taken up the lion’s share of our lives. Virtual reality, augmented reality and more, every aspect of human life is now depended on technology. Keeping this in mind, it’s rational to think that playing rummy online will be great trend in future. Reliance on technology is increasing manifoldly and this will surely be a blessing in disguise for the rummy card game developers.

High awareness about the online rummy

With blogs, vBlogs, tutorials and social media ads uplifting any matter to high extent, awareness about online rummy has become very high. Moreover, this is a skill-based game and you can also earn lot of money out of the same. Thus, 2020 is a perfect year for upheaving the trends of rummy.

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