Tricks of Playing and Winning Rummy Without Joker

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13 cards rummy is the commonest form of online rummy that most of the players prefer playing. Especially, Indians are literally addicted to this game of rummy. Once you start playing the game, you’ll relish the same. Not only will you get the opportunity of winning ample amounts of cash but also will be able to enjoy the rummy card game.

Starting from housewives to office goers – this variant of rummy is the most popular among all online rummy apps. But the most concerning thought that strikes the mind of every player is whether they will get the joker or not. Joker makes the game simplified. You can easily form a set or sequence using the same. However, if there is no joker in hand, then the game can get difficult in the latter part.

Getting a pure sequence and another impure one is manageable. But while playing rummy in app, the one and most important aim of the player is to get hold of as much cash as possible. But if you fail to get the sequence and sets, then you’ll not be able to call the game off. The joker cards make it easy to meld the cards sooner. God forbid, if your opponent has one and you have none, then winning while playing rummy online can be difficult.

However, years of experience can work wonders. Want to know how? Read on and brace yourself before the next match.

Count your cards

While playing rummy in app, points play a crucial role. Let’s say you’ve got 50 points and your opponent has 20, then during the show -off phase, you lose with high points in hand. After getting the 13 cards if you find yourself without a joker, then start counting the points. If you’re having high pointer cards, then it’s better to drop the game at the initial phase.

Be careful                

With or without the joker – whatever the case is, while playing rummy online, being careful and cautious all the time is essential. If you’re unlucky, you may have some really talented pro players sitting next to you on the table. And since you don’t have the wild card in your hand now, hence the game may get harder. Arranging the cards to form the pure sequence and a set becomes very essential when you don’t have a joker for saving your day!

Learn to play without joker

Nothing is impossible if you have the zeal of making it successful. Playing rummy in app is easy and possible without joker if you use your brains smartly. Keeping a note of the discarded cards are also essential because without the same the game may go in vain.

Online rummy is a skilled-based game. Joker makes the game enjoyable. If that’s the major motive behind playing the game, then discard and wait for a suitable hand!  On the other hand, if your purpose is to earn huge amounts of cash, then you’ll need to learn the strategies of playing the game without joker as well.

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