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sun shine effect online rummy game

SunShines: Do they Affect your Online Rummy Game?

SunShines: Do they Affect your Online Rummy Game? Online Rummy  game is primarily a skill-based game rather than just a game of chance. The consistent practice eventually aids in this game’s victory, but did you realise that your zodiac sign matters? Yes, it may come as

Indian Rummy vs Mathematics new

Indian Rummy vs Mathematics: Are they Similar to Each Other?

Indian Rummy vs Mathematics: Are They Similar to Each Other? Indian Rummy, a skill-based card game, is an excellent example of how various mathematical principles can efficiently function together. Math is a universal language that can eventually help you in many cases, including playing Rummy and quickly

rummy outchines card games

Rummy Outshines Most Card Games Globally

Card games are no new concepts in India, and games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Bluff, Bridge and Poker, to name a few, have been around for centuries. Card games originated in India from the Mughals, though it was there in China before 1000 AD. Compared

tips to win rummy

Effective Tips to Help You Win at Pool Rummy Games

Indian rummy and its unprecedented popularity have surpassed the boundaries of India to other countries as well. With passage of time rummy game has travelled far and different variations of the game has come up. Pool rummy is one such popular variation which is played

points rummy tricks

5 Useful Tricks to Win at Points Rummy

Among all the different variations of Indian rummy, Points rummy is the most famous one. The major reason behind the same being, that the game can be easily learnt and completed within a short span of time. Same adventure, thrill and experience – but easy

rummy facts

Interesting Facts About Marriage – A Rare Rummy Version

The mere term “marriage” seems irrelevant with rummy card game. However, for those who don’t know, marriage is a popular version of rummy that is played in Nepal and Bhutan. Hence, if you mention this name outside India, people may think you’re kidding. Especially during

rummy fun fact

Rummy Fun Facts: Significance of The Word Rummy

Rummy is a fun-filled game. Playing rummy in app or offline is a trend nowadays. With different rummy apps available, getting rid of boredom is easy now. As you browse through the blogs, you’ll find many write-ups mentioning in details about the different variations of

gin or indian rummy

Gin or Indian Rummy – Which is Preferred by Online Rummy Players?

Rummy is a popular game. Not only Indian rummy but also the other variants like Points, Gin, Contract is also a few ones that are played by many. Although the basic rules are the same, however, with the change of countries there’ve been variations in the rules.