Is Playing Rummy Better than Watching TV

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The world is going digital. Digital movies, series, entertainment, and games are all-encompassing in our lives. Even the Rummy app has gone technologically advanced. Is it better to play rummy or watch television series? We have tried to answer this question here.

After a long workday, the human mind seeks to relax, and we want to get entertained. It helps us to unwind-rewind and prepare for the next challenge. It also helps us forget our daily worries for some time.

We can curl up in bed and fall asleep. Many binge-watch favorite TV shows or indulge in a digital game. The pandemic made the situation worse.

Before the pandemic, we were outdoor people. We used to hop to a party or a place, meet new friends, or invite friends to our house. But when we are alone during a pandemic, we look for an entertaining pastime.

Going to bed and curling up is a bad idea. Making yourself comfortable and enjoying the rummy game is more rewarding than sleeping or watching a TV series. Let us delve more into why.

TV series has become an integral part of our daily lives and family. Most of us watch TV series while having lunch. People have dinner with family and catch up with the latest shows on several over-the-air platforms.

  • But are they productive or adding value to your life?
  • Are you learning anything?
  • Are you taking an active part in those shows?
  • What is your role in this?

Many questions float around for deeper pondering.

Skill-based games, like rummy, poker, or fantasy Sports 11 Wickets fantasy app, involve your active part. That is why they are becoming popular. More people are taking them up as their favorite pastime.

Many people feel motivated and happy about their winnings at the end of the game. It is another way of unwinding and gearing up for the next day’s hard work.

Watching series with friends and family

The pandemic forced us to confine ourselves at home and get glued to our TV sets watching series. It is a delightful pastime and enjoyment when you are alone. How long can you watch TV?

OTT platforms lure you with great connectivity activities like parties where you and your fired can watch a TV show together. But what after the show is over? The connectivity breaks.

Is it not better to spend some time on a smartphone that needs nothing but data and connectivity?

You can play the rummy game with your friends and win extra side cash with fun

Playing rummy offers many benefits. It improves your organizing and decision-making skills. You must organize the card and make sequences and sets as quickly as possible. It is interactive, unlike watching a TV show or a series.
It also improves time management and adaptability as the fastest wins the game.

Online rummy is good for your brain. It challenges the power and capabilities of your brain to take decisions and risks. It pushes you to your limits when the winning gets tough and pushes you to think harder and devise new strategies when existing ones are not working. It helps improve your focus, concentration, and memory power. All these are missing when you watch TV.

However, like TV, rummy is habit-forming. Avoid it as much as possible. Avoid rummy when you have important things to do in life or work. You should also pay within your limits and quit when you reach the limit. Do not chase the losses you made. Wait for another day or a deal. Avoid addiction to the game and play responsibly.

Online rummy game improves your quality of life. It makes you socially active with certain monetary rewards. After playing Indian rummy for a while, you gain expertise that helps winning games and rewards.

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