Top 3 Player Card Games to Play with Family and Friends

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Rummy is the most popular card game, and you can play rummy online for free. Get started with a rummy app download, play it with cash, and win real money. You can play other three-player card games other than rummy.

Here is a list of popular 3-player card games you can play with friends or family.

Easy card game Crazy Eights

We deal players five cards each, and the goal is to get rid of the cards before the others do and use a 52-card pack. Each player receives five cards. The players place the rest of the cards in the draw pile and the top card from the draw pile next to the draw pile. Players, on their turn, can play cards of similar rank or suit matching with the previous card. If a player does not have a similar card, the player can draw a card from the draw pile. In the first round, the player who gets all the cards scores points based on the opponents’ cards. The player who reaches the predetermined score before the others wins the game.

Easy card game Rummy

The most popular card version is available online to play with or without cash. Rummy has many variants like points rummy, pool rummy, deals rummy, Gin rummy, and 500-rummy. Played between 2, 5, and 6 players, dealt seven cards each. The goal is to be the first to get rid of all cards in hand. Players group the cards in 3 cards set or more cards of the same value or the consecutive value of the same suit. The winning rule depends on the type of rummy played.

Easy card game Fish

We deal each player six cards. They place the rest of the cards face down. The players take clockwise turns to pick an opponent and ask if they possess a specific rank card. The player can ask for a card only if they have a card of the same rank, and the opponent must give all the cards if they have one. The other players follow the same until the opponent has no cards of the asked rank and the opponent says Go Fish, and the player that asked for a specific card must pick a face-down card from the discarded pile.

Easy card game Bluff

The goal is to use trick and deceit, bluff to discard cards in hand. The smartest to bluff other players and catch other players bluffing is the trick to win the game. We play the game with 3-6 players using a regular 52-card deck and Joker. We deal players the cards equally, and the first player announces which card or cards he will play while placing them face-down. The next player can ask to display the face-down card of the first player if the player thinks it is a bluff. The player can pass, or play their cards by placing them face-down, announcing that the cards belong to the same rank. The previous player must take the face-down card back in their hand if the player challenging the player’s card finds the player has bluffed. If the player has rightly announced the cards and has not bluffed, the player challenging must pick all those cards in their hand.

Easy card game Teen Do Paanch

It is a tricky game, fun-filled, and popular among kids. The card game 3-2-5 is three player card game. It uses 32 cards from 7 to Ace. Each player has to win at least 3 or 2 or 5 tricks depending on the rank of the card pulled randomly. The player winning more tricks than the required can pull out cards from the opponents’ decks if the opponents do not win the tricks. You can play the game in multiple rounds, agreed with the other players. The winner is the player who wins the maximum tricks. Played informally, players do not track the score count. The popular variants of the Teen-do-Paanch include a call-break card game.

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