4 Killer Tips & Tricks to Beat Your Opponents in a Rummy Cash Game

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Rummy game app in India is making waves. Everyone is playing online fantasy rummy and winning real money nowadays. I had my group of friends playing a rummy cash game every single evening when I was young.

We found playing the rummy cash games relaxing and refreshing in the evening, and I could not wait to play every day. I am talking about offline rummy here because online rummy did not start on those days.

In my group, I had one opponent (who was my friend) and was a masterclass rummy player. He could tell which sequence you will make and which cards you have after the deal. 9 out of 10 times, he was bang on with his guesses. If he misses the guess for the first time, he would immediately correct his guess and tell the right cards you have in your hand.

My friend was the one who kept us waiting for the cards because he had them. He used to win most rounds. He was quick to guess your cards, meld the cards into sets and sequences and declare.

If he gets to deal, then no one can win the round. He could even say during the dealing which cards you were getting. We dealt the cards face down. He had no chance to see them.

You do not dare to win if you have such a formidable opponent. But wait, you still can. You cannot beat him in his skills of anticipating your cards, but you can camouflage and deceive him, not give him any clue about the sequences you are building.

That is what we will discuss today. I hope you take a leaf from these pointers, tips, and tricks and apply them to test if the strategies work with your opponents. Let us delve more into it.

1. Avoid picking discarded cards.

Never pick discarded cards thrown in the open pile until the end of the run. This way, you can camouflage your opponents. Your opponent cannot guess the sequence you are on, so they will give away the cards you need.

Allow the cards to pour in till the end of the run. By then, your opponents have disposed of the cards and cannot withdraw. If you give away this secret about your hand by picking cards from the discarded pile, he will invariably block your sequences, as my friend did.

2. Focus on the discarded section cards.

You can guess the card sequences of your opponents by observing your discarded cards. My friend used to guess that by observing the discarded cards and was a master at it. You can guess the sequences of the others by observing who discards what. The discard section contains the hints of the cards in other players’ hands. If two Queens are already in the discard pile, you can drop the Queen, as that will not make a meld.

3. Keep Track of the card your opponent picks.

My friend clandestinely observed the cards we were picking. He never looked stressed, even if he had lost money or the game. His casual way of looking, smiling, and playing was uncanny and disturbing for us. We knew something was brewing in his mind, which we would encounter in the game soon. Observing how your opponent play is an impressive feat to learn. Only experienced rummy players achieve and deploy. Make a note of the cards in your mind, the cards your opponents are picking from the discard pile. If you have Hearts 7 and 7 of Diamonds and your opponent picks 8 of Diamonds, you must discard the 7 of hearts first and hold the 7 of Diamonds. Ensuring you win and not letting others win is the key here.

4. Discard high-value cards.

It is the basic principle in all rummy variants. The high-value cards will leave with accumulation points at the end of the game if you lose in a rummy game. The lowest point accumulated at the end of all rounds decides the winner. Wait, there is a twist in the tail. Having high-value cards at the beginning of the deal is good because your opponents will rush to discard them from their hands. You can quickly make sets and sequences with the discarded high-value cards. But if you do not declare your hand before anyone else, you will have a hand with a high score. So better to discard the high-value cards. There will be stiff competition among the low-value cards as everyone will try to make sets and sequences of low-value cards.

My friend used to win all the money everyday and party. We still wanted to play with him to defeat him in the game, but the day never came. If you can become the way my friend used to play, you are home with fantasy rummy online cash tables.