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rules of rummy

Secrets Behind the Simple Rules Set for Rummy Games

Nothing in this world is created without logic. There’s always a reason and scientific explanation behind the same. What’re the reasons behind the selection of the suits in rummy games? There’s the terrific history behind each symbol. Similarly, rules that you’ll find listed in any online rummy

rummy gaming things

Most Important Things to Remember Before You Play Online Rummy

The sudden pandemic has made the global population depended on the internet for everything. May it be food, medicines, movies, education, or sports – it’s online everywhere. Thanks to the internet, the lockdown has become interesting as people can still play games like online rummy. Indians

rummy joker rules

How Can a Joker Change The Game of Rummy?

Just because the joker doesn’t have a big value like the king, queen, ace, or jack, that doesn’t mean that you’ll throw away the card! All old hands who are playing rummy games for years, know that it’s a foolish decision to underestimate the power of