Secrets Behind the Simple Rules Set for Rummy Games

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Nothing in this world is created without logic. There’s always a reason and scientific explanation behind the same. What’re the reasons behind the selection of the suits in rummy games? There’s the terrific history behind each symbol. Similarly, rules that you’ll find listed in any online rummy app are not some random rules. They’re made using some good amount of logic.

As a player, did you ever feel nonsensical while playing the game? Such allegations have never been highlighted by any pro rummy player. This means that the rules have been set keeping the logical and mathematical aspects of the game.

Although, playing and winning might be your only objective. But, it won’t hurt to check out the theories behind the same. Learning the scientific reasons behind each rule will make you a more vigilant player of Indian rummy.

Rule of dropping the game

This might seem like an act of giving up. But think logically, if you’re having a bad hand and there’s no way you can make it out as a winner, then what’s the need of continuing and losing out all the money? So, while playing rummy if you drop off with few points in hand, then there’s a fair chance of getting some money at the end of the game. Seems a logical rule now?

Charging penalties for wrong declaration

As stated earlier, while playing online rummy in apps, you need to be very careful. Don’t waste the time of the opponent by declaring your game with the wrong sets and sequences. If you do so, you’re bound to pay a penalty! That’s a valid rule. Afterall such wrong moves show that you’re not confident and serious about the game. Come on, it’s a game with real money! A fair amount of seriousness is required!

Rules behind counting points

The rule is very simple and hence helps the player to keep a count of the points in their hand at every point of time in the game. Every card is counted as per the value of the card. Only the ace plays a dual role. So, you don’t need a separate scorer to keep a track of your points. Discarding cards based on the same can take you near to your winning position.

Picking and discarding card rules

This rule states that first, you need to pick a card and also discard one from your hand. Very logical. Playing the rummy game would have been a mess if this rule was not in place. Let’s say, you keep on picking cards and don’t give out any. What then? The open deck will fall short of cards and you’ll be having all the cards in your hand. Does that seem ok? Not. Thus, the logic of giving and taking is in reality correct.

This is not the end. There’s lots more to the game. There are many rules which make playing online rummy in the app interesting. There’s a whole set of rules regarding the joker. So, now what you need to do is simply think about the rule before adhering to it. Remember, each rule has its own importance in the game.

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