How Can a Joker Change The Game of Rummy?

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Just because the joker doesn’t have a big value like the king, queen, ace, or jack, that doesn’t mean that you’ll throw away the card! All old hands who are playing rummy games for years, know that it’s a foolish decision to underestimate the power of the joker!

With a joker in your hand, you have got the trump card of setting out your sequences fast and declare yourself as the undisputed winner of the game. Using this wild card efficiently ensures that you can play rummy and earn real money without any hurdles.

Don’t lay out your joker as soon as you get the same. Try to make as many sequences as possible without the joker, remember, it’s your emergency life-saver. Be clever and use it well. Want to increase your chances of winning? Then, check out these few important tips for using a joker well.

One-time use

One joker can replace only one card of the sequence. Don’t be in an illusion that you can use the joker to replace cards as and when required. Rules are rules! So, rack your brains to keep trying sequences without the joker’s help. Make a note of keeping the card in your hand for the latter part of the same when the sequence gets complicated.

Don’t ever discard the joker

No value no use – that’s what the majority of the players feel about a joker card. Once you discard the same any player can pick that up and use it to their advantage. A small tip for the beginners: discard all cards that are close to the wild joker card. The opponent will get bewildered. Neither would they guess your strategy nor would they be able to pick the cards that you’ve given up!

Too many jokers in hand

Are you having more than two jokers in your hand? There’s no need to be happy about the same. Do you know that with a joker you’ll never be able to form a pure sequence? If such is the case, then it’s always better if you discard the extras. Play rummy games logically and wisely, otherwise winning will be a dream!

Safe cards

Jokers carry no points. Then, what’s the harm of keeping one? None! Make no urgency of getting rid of it since even if it stays till the end, it’s not a burden for you. However, it’s a boon and a game-changer when required. Rather focus on discarding all high-value cards. So, even if the challenger declares his cards and you’re left with a joker long with other cards, no value for the card of the joker will be added to your account.

Playing the game two or three times will make you realize the importance of this card. A joker may make you laugh with his fun activities, but in reality, he is a serious person. Likewise, a no-value joker card may seem like a piece of paper but for rummy, it’s a game-changer.

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