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rummy gaming things

Most Important Things to Remember Before You Play Online Rummy

The sudden pandemic has made the global population depended on the internet for everything. May it be food, medicines, movies, education, or sports – it’s online everywhere. Thanks to the internet, the lockdown has become interesting as people can still play games like online rummy. Indians

correct hand in online rummy

Why is it Useful to Make Correct Hand Selection in Online Rummy?

Rummy is all about keeping the right cards in the hand and discarding the wrong ones. Hence, to become an expert rummy player learning the correct hand selection is of utmost importance. You’ll have a fair chance of winning in rummy online games if you can hold

rummy terms to know before playing

Some Common Rummy Terms to Know Before You Start Playing

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, if you don’t know about what’s an open deck, what to do with a wild joker and what’s the difference between a pure and impure sequence, then you’re playing the wrong game. Knowing the basic works of

rummy - goof or bad

Rummy – Good or Bad in Real Life?

Did you get kicked out of the house for your dire addiction towards card games? Cheer up mate, you’re not the only one! Although society has progressed and become bored minded, however till now rummy cards are considered a waste of time and unproductive games by