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online rummy reasons

Reasons for Not Shining as an Online Rummy Player

It’s not unknown to anyone that online rummy is a game of skill. Are you losing continuously in the game? Don’t blame your stars for the same. Rather, it’s your personal skill levels that are weak. Or It can be a wrong strategy that is creating a

unethical points for online rummy

4 Unethical Points to Take Care While Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy is a passion for the players. Once the players taste the victory, they get addicted to the game play. However, playing rummy in app is a good option if it is played ethically. Complying by the rules is an important factor. It’s a

AI on Online Rummy

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Online Rummy?

Online rummy is a vast industry. With the pandemic setting in, 2020 has seen vast growth in the terms of revenue within Indian online rummy. While being stuck indoors, more and more people are now registering to play at rummy apps. It has become an addiction among the

online rummy features

4 Responsible Features Present in Online Rummy Games

Indian rummy is been played in India for a long time. There have been loads and loads of changes. From offline to online, from casinos to mobiles – changes have been an integral part of rummy card games. Previously when rummy was just a family game, there

rummy suitable situations

Some Situations Suitable For Playing Rummy Online

In older times when there was no internet, the rummy card game was a family game. Mostly rummy was played during festivals or in gatherings. It surely lifted the spirits of the players. But things have changed now! You’re living in the internet era. There are numerous online

rummy gaming things

Most Important Things to Remember Before You Play Online Rummy

The sudden pandemic has made the global population depended on the internet for everything. May it be food, medicines, movies, education, or sports – it’s online everywhere. Thanks to the internet, the lockdown has become interesting as people can still play games like online rummy. Indians

rummy improves brain function

5 Ways Online Rummy Improves Human Brain Functions

Human brain – the most complicated and important creation. Logical thinking to an emotional response, a human brain is capable of exhibiting every single function beautifully. You must’ve heard experts suggesting to get kids engaged in different brain games. That’s because the same jerks up