4 Responsible Features Present in Online Rummy Games

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Indian rummy is been played in India for a long time. There have been loads and loads of changes. From offline to online, from casinos to mobiles – changes have been an integral part of rummy card games. Previously when rummy was just a family game, there were no complications. But from the time it became online, many illegal activities started taking place!

Forgeries, minor accounts, issues with deposits – a never-ending list of problems that users experience while playing rummy in the app. To make things better, rummy apps have included responsible features. Read on to know the safety features.

Age restriction

Not everyone is eligible to play rummy online. That’s obvious! Rummy is a mind game and it involves cash. Hence if you’re below 18 years then this is not your forte. All users in every online rummy app are required to register using legal details including the KYC. Don’t try and use false details for registration. You may land up in jail for forgery!

Deposit amounts limitation

Let’s say you end up depositing multiple amounts while playing in the rummy app. But you didn’t get any money out of the games. How will you feel? Well, why should other people enjoy your deposited amounts? So, to make things ethical, apps have put a cap on the deposit amount. Some players end up spending thousands of amounts to get back the losses. Limitation on deposits puts their quench to rest!

Transaction security

Well, well, well! All your banking details are registered on the online rummy app. Isn’t it easy for hackers to get hold of the information? This is a big question that lingers in the mind of the players. Many don’t try playing rummy even once because of this fear. Don’t worry. If you’re playing from an authentic site then SSL encryptions are a must. Check the website details before you start playing. Now you can make an ample number of online transactions safely.

Geographical restriction

Since the ministry rules of all states don’t permit legal rules for playing card games, hence it is necessary to keep restrictions in place. You can rest assured that if you’re playing from states like Telangana, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Odisha. Always remember that the players coming from these states are not allowed. So, even if you are temporarily present in any of these states, then you can’t play rummy at all.

If you’re cheated then the trauma that you’ll get from the same can make you lose interest in rummy for the next lifetime. If everyone stops playing rummy, then there will be no registrations. That’s why rummy apps have installed these responsibility features and have made things better for the rummy players.

Help app providers. Be responsible for gamers. End the illegal gaming activities and make rummy a great game and fun to play.

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