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Irresponsible online gaming

How to Tackle Irresponsible Gaming in Online Rummy?

With surging demand for online rummy, the number of unethical activities in rummy game has also increased. Playing responsibly has become a matter of concern for every pro rummy player. While most players know the importance of playing rummy game responsibly, there’s still a group

money earn online rummy

4 Ways You Can Earn Money from Online Rummy

Online rummy is played by majority of the people because they know that while playing you can easily win cash. If you’re new to the game, then check out the reviews of the websites and the testimonials of the veteran players before selecting the best

suitable online rummy

Online Rummy – A Suitable Game for All Types of Players

Rummy has been in Indian culture for centuries now. Entertainment coupled with real money has always been an attractive venture for the Indians. Thus, celebrating the festivals with a casual rummy card game, has been a preferable choice in majority Indian families. However, in the

Downswings of online rummy

Ways to Deal with the Downswings of Online Rummy Game

Like any other game, it is perfectly acceptable for any player to experience losses. Rummy is a game that involves risk factor, and there are times when uncertainty occurs. This is obvious that after winning online rummy games for an extended period of time, facing

mobile online rummy

Mobile Online Rummy – Fastest and Smoothest Gaming Experience

Are you stuck within the four walls for months now? The pandemic has certainly taken a toll on our social life. No parties, no office, no outings – how to survive the boredom? The Internet has been a bliss over such hard times. Downloading the online

online rummy block

3 Proved Ways to Get Rid of Gamer’s Block in Online Rummy Games

Are you an online games addict? Maybe you’re not, but you’ll find many who are glued to their mobile sets or laptops 24/7. The never-ending thirst for earning more and more makes them forget their personal life and indulge in the gripping world of fantasy

AI on Online Rummy

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Online Rummy?

Online rummy is a vast industry. With the pandemic setting in, 2020 has seen vast growth in the terms of revenue within Indian online rummy. While being stuck indoors, more and more people are now registering to play at rummy apps. It has become an addiction among the

rummy suitable situations

Some Situations Suitable For Playing Rummy Online

In older times when there was no internet, the rummy card game was a family game. Mostly rummy was played during festivals or in gatherings. It surely lifted the spirits of the players. But things have changed now! You’re living in the internet era. There are numerous online