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online rummy

4 Reasons That Makes Online Rummy Better than Binge Watching

If you’re stuck at home, like the times of pandemic yet again, then what’s the best thing you can do? Binge watching of movies, series and short films have increased in last one year. Before that engagement in household and commercial works did not provide

earn online rummy money

Stay Loyal and Earn Loads in Online Rummy Games

Unlike the traditional rummy game, online rummy apps give extra perks to the loyal users. Yes, you heard it right! Not only playing the rummy card game can get you good amount of money, but also you can expect good amount of earnings by playing

online rummy win

What Does an Online Rummy Winning Strategy Looks Like?

What’s the secret behind the consistent winning strategy of online rummy players? This is an interesting question that intrigues the mind of the novice rummy players. Whenever you ask a veteran, they’ll say that playing rummy in app on a regular basis will help in

rummy buttons

Important Buttons That Online Rummy Players Often Ignore

Showing off your rummy skills wont land you into any favorable position. Unlike the traditional Indian rummy, in online rummy a player needs to be alert all the time. Because there are a lot of buttons involved in online rummy apps. One wrong press and

chip dumping rummy

Chip Dumping – Ethical or Unethical in Online Rummy?

Fair play in rummy is a necessary prospect. If the game is not being played fairly then the proximity of winning in online rummy gets reduced. Thus, every online rummy app focuses on establishing different ethical rules and regulations that helps in keeping the gameplay

online rummy future

Future of Online Rummy in India

Rummy in its Indian form is popular than any other card game. To the utter dismay of the European card variants, Indian rummy is also popularly played in the western countries. And from the time rummy has been transferred to online rummy apps, the number

online rummy obstacles

4 Obstacles That Every Online Rummy Players Have Experienced

If you’ve been playing online rummy for a long time, then you would be accustomed to the pain points of the game. With over millions of rummy players opening accounts in different popular rummy apps, this has undoubtedly become a very popular game. If you think you’re

unethical points for online rummy

4 Unethical Points to Take Care While Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy is a passion for the players. Once the players taste the victory, they get addicted to the game play. However, playing rummy in app is a good option if it is played ethically. Complying by the rules is an important factor. It’s a

rummy improves brain function

5 Ways Online Rummy Improves Human Brain Functions

Human brain – the most complicated and important creation. Logical thinking to an emotional response, a human brain is capable of exhibiting every single function beautifully. You must’ve heard experts suggesting to get kids engaged in different brain games. That’s because the same jerks up