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smart rummy rules

4 Smart Online Rummy Rules That Can Change Your Game

Rummy has been there for ages. People are playing the game since eternity. Then why did it become popular again? Because the rules of the rummy card game have been changing from time to time. With the internet’s blessing, the game has again reinvented itself. If you’re

rummy game tricks

Tricks to Help You to Understand Your Opponent’s Game in Rummy

You can build up winning strategies only when you know what’s cooking in your opponent’s head! Concentration and observation will do the trick for you. Believe it or not, the rummy patti game is a complete game of skills. And assessing the moves and mind of the

reasons of defeat at online rummy

6 Accurate Reasons behind Your Defeat at Online Rummy

For a professional rummy player, winning is not an important thing, rather it’s everything! The passion for card games is highly motivated by the fact that in every match they’ll get the opportunity of playing rummy and earn real money. Some people have made online