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good vs bad rummy site

Good Rummy Site v/s Bad Rummy Site – 4 Important Features to Remember

Online rummy is an extremely popular game nowadays. With surge in the popularity level, different companies are opening online rummy apps that have great features, game mechanics and awesome features to give a real-life gaming experience. Winning real cash while playing these games is the

online rummy opportunity

Thrilling Opportunities to Experience from Online Rummy Games

Before the advent of internet, things like paying bills, shopping for groceries, watching movies required people to get out of their houses to get the same. However, now internet has eased things. You can sit and order groceries online. Or you can check out the

ace in online rummy

Importance of Ace in Online Rummy Games

A strange yet useful card is the ace. Indian rummy is incomplete without the presence of this card. It’s like water, fits every situation within the game of rummy successfully! Winnings and losing can be easier if you know the basics of using an ace

new rummy players

How Will New Rummy Players Learn the Basics of The Game?

How Will New Rummy Players Learn the Basics of The Game? In every online rummy app, there are generally four options of games available namely beginner’s level, intermediate level, advanced and expert level. You might find people saying that online rummy is a game only

rummy hands

Types of Hands and Their Importance in Online Rummy

Types of cards and the type of hands that have been dealt is of vital importance in online rummy. What do you need to win at rummy? A pure sequence needs to be made out of the cards that has been dealt. No matter what,

points rummy tricks

5 Useful Tricks to Win at Points Rummy

Among all the different variations of Indian rummy, Points rummy is the most famous one. The major reason behind the same being, that the game can be easily learnt and completed within a short span of time. Same adventure, thrill and experience – but easy

rummy fun evening

Top Indian Games for A Promising Fun Evening

Indian and sports are two inseparable aspects. Starting from kabaddi to carrom, ludo to Indian rummy – whether it’s a physical sport or a mind game, Indians have always been on the top with their gaming attributes. Indoor games like carrom and chess are quite

online rummy future

Future of Online Rummy in India

Rummy in its Indian form is popular than any other card game. To the utter dismay of the European card variants, Indian rummy is also popularly played in the western countries. And from the time rummy has been transferred to online rummy apps, the number