Which Brain Game is More Popular – Online Rummy or Chess?

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Brain games have always been popular among Indians. Extravagant display of intelligence has been a way of showing skills for Indians. in this respect, it’s necessary to mention rummy and chess, both of which had been in the Indian culture for a long time. Everyone knows about chess. But how many are aware of the way the game should be played? Very less! It’s a full-on brainer game! Rummy on the other hand became more popular with the advent of online rummy.

Although they both belong to different worlds, however there’s one thing common about both the variants. You need to be intelligent in order to play rummy card game and chess. Rummy has 52 cards and chess involves 16 black and white pieces. Rules are different but logical skills are required for both!

Here’s an interesting comparison between both. Both can be enthralling in its own unique way.

Which is more thrilling?

When it comes to playing rummy online, the thrill level is always high and you can expect an edge of the seat experience. That’s because the results of the game are unpredictable. But with chess nothing is hidden. There’s no issue with the hidden cards system as in rummy. All the pieces are exposed on the table. So, the level of thrill is less in comparison to rummy. If you want to play a thrilling game, then it’s better to opt for online rummy in apps instead of chess games.

Which is more profitable?

Well, even in this comparison, chess falls behind in the list. Playing rummy online gives you the option of earning lots of cash and surprise gifts. You don’t get this facility in case of chess! Rummy tournaments and cash games have enormous benefits planned down for people. You can also enjoy bonus amounts like referral bonus, free registrations and monthly offers while you’re playing rummy in an app.

Which is more challenging?

If you try to assess the level of challenges that the games can offer, then undoubtedly, chess will excel at this level. High thinking skills, logical patterns and ability to outwit your opponents, that’s what chess is all about. It’s impossible for any novice with just a month’s experience to get expertise in chess. However, rummy is easy in comparison to chess. Even you’ll get many free games in rummy apps which will help you practice and improve your skills over the time.

Which has more variants?

Obviously, the answer is rummy! Point, Pool, 13 cards, 21 cards, Indian, Gin – the list of rummy variants are unending. Chess however has no variation. Rules are permanent and game play is same. Hence, if you opt to play rummy games, then you can choose the one that suits to your style. But if you’re planning of playing chess, then you’ve to be strong. Moreover, rummy is a multiplayer game. on the other hand, chess is a two-player game.

There is very less distinction between both. However, it depends on the capability of the player which game he/she would opt for.

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