Variants of Rummy Games on Cash Rummy App to Play & Earn Real Money

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Rummy games come with many variations. You can play rummy and earn real money, but all variants may not be available on every cash rummy app.

Variants of cash rummy apps to play and earn money

  1. Indian Rummy
  2. 13 card Rummy
  3. 21 card rummy
  4. Gin Rummy
  5. Points Rummy
  6. Deals Rummy
  7. Pool Rummy
  8. Contract Rummy
  9. Canasta
  10. Rummikubh
  11. Oklahoma Rummy
  12. Kalooki Rummy
  13. 500 Rummy
  14. Dummy Rummy
  15. Shanghai Rummy

A slight change in the game rules causes these variations. Each rummy has a minor rule change. You must learn the rummy rules before entering the cash table.

13 card rummy

It is the most common form of rummy played in India. You get a hand of 13 cards from a deal, and you need to form at least one pure cards sequence and an impure sequence for a showdown or declare your hand.

Variations of 13-card rummy

  • Indian Rummy
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Indian Rummy

A popular 13-card rummy is a cross between 500 rummy and Gin rummy. You get a deal of 13 cards initially and make sets of pure and impure sequences before your opponent does. We can play the game between two or six players.

For two-player games, you deal with one deck of 52 cards. For the 6-player game, you deal with two decks of 52 cards combined. The player who makes the first declaration with sets or sequences will be the round winner.

Points Rummy

It is another variant of the Indian 13-card rummy. Here, the players get points after pre-deciding on the rupee variant. You can win points in rummy by declaring and will get a score of 0.

The losers will have to calculate the points of the cards which are not in sets and will add that score. The winner wins the cash based on the total points of the opponents.

Deals Rummy

It is a 13-card Indian rummy variant. You deal a fixed number of cards to each player. Initially, all the players are given a fixed amount of chips for this rummy game deal.

At the end of each round, based on the scores, the winner wins chips from the players who lost the game. The player having the highest chips count wins the game at the end of all rounds.

Pool Rummy

A version of the rummy game is available on most mobile rummy apps if you want to play rummy online on your favorite rummy24 app. Pool rummy is round-based.

Like points rummy, we play this rummy game until the last player score 101 or 201 points. The winner gets a score of 0 points. It takes a long time to finish than the other variants.

21 Card Rummy

Although the rules are the same as the other rummy variants for a significant part, the difference is that you get a deal of 21 cards instead of 13 cards. The players need a minimum of three pure sequences, making the 21-card rummy harder to play and win.

Another difference is the provision of a penalty. You get a 30-point penalty if you quit the round before playing a hand. You get a 75-point penalty if you drop the hand after playing. The unique part of the game is the use of jokers.

In this game, the dealer assigns upper and lower jokers. If the cut joker is four diamonds, the assigned upper and lower jokers are five diamonds & three diamonds.

The upper and lower jokers must have the same suit as the cut joker. You can use the upper and the lower joker to substitute any card to form a pure sequence.

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