Types of Hands and Their Importance in Online Rummy

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Types of cards and the type of hands that have been dealt is of vital importance in online rummy. What do you need to win at rummy? A pure sequence needs to be made out of the cards that has been dealt. No matter what, this is the basic thought that lingers in the mind of pro rummy players from the very beginning.

Thus, analyzing the hand is the most important thing. If you feel that the cards which have been dealt are not good enough, then its better to give up the game before you lose out even the money which have been spent during the enrolment. There’s no control over the type of hands you’ll get while playing rummy card game. So, to win you need to make smart moves. Even bad hands can make you win matches.

Good hand:

This is the most common type of hand that every player gets while playing rummy online. According to pro players a hand is good when there are few useful cards and a joker available to make valid sets and sequences. it’s not necessary that you’ll be having all the cards in hand that you need. But a pro player will be knowing ways of getting them back using tricks.

Winning hand:

If you’re able to complete one valid sequence within 30 minutes into the game, then certainly you’re having a winning hand. Almost similar to the types of cards that are present in a good hand, winning hand can definitely help you win the game undoubtedly. Pros prefer making up the pure sequence as soon as they get the winning hands of cards. Further they take time to meld and get out the other sequences and sets!

Weak hand:

Now if you’re stars are against you, then getting a weak hand over and over again may be in your fate. How to differentiate between a winning and a weak hand? If you’ve been playing rummy for a long time, then the moment cards are dealt you’ll understand whether its weak or not! There are no jokers, no cards of the same suit and definitely no card to help you complete the pure sequence. Unquestionably a difficult situation when you’re playing the game for money.

Tough hand:

This is the hand which is hated by most of the players playing in online rummy app. Not a very good platform to judge the rummy skills. There’re very less players who have the ability of get out of the same. you’ll definitely have to rack your brains to find the right type of solution and way out from the same. If you’re a good bluffer and know the tricks of the trades, then tough hand is still manageable.

Perfect hand:

This is a myth and a dream for every Indian rummy player. When you’ve all the cards that you desire then playing rummy becomes the easiest game in the world. All you have to do here is arrange the cards in valid sets and sequences. That’s it and the game is over. Failing to win even with a perfect hand is somewhat difficult. However, there’re still people out there who becomes negligent during the match and lose out on the game.

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