3 Tricks to Understand the Authenticity of Online Rummy Apps

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Online rummy involves high-end technology. Since a huge amount of your hard-earned money remains at stake in case of playing rummy in apps, hence trust is a crucial factor. While choosing the rummy apps, you should be check out a few things. Reliability of your app is vital. Especially when you’re investing money in the same. Sometimes your day might be wrong and you may end up losing a lot of money!

But this situation can’t be repeated over and over again. If you’ll something is wrong, even after having high skills at playing rummy, then there can be cases of tampering on your app.

That’s the reason it is important to select the most trustable and reliable website before proceeding further. How will you understand whether the app is cheating on you or not? A very dicey question indeed! Here are a few instances which you’ve to look out for, if you want to get rid of the cheating websites!

Random change of cards:

If you’ve been playing rummy online for a long time, then random change of cards can be a means to understand that you’re being cheated by the app. As soon as the cards are dealt there generally stands no chance of changing the cards. Similarly, as soon as you start the game, you should never change the cards. But, if for instance, the cards keep on changing then be sure that while playing rummy you’re being cheated by the app.

Too much skills from the opponents:

It is in reality difficult to assess the skill level of rummy players during online rummy sessions. The major reason being, none of the players are able to view each other! Hence, bluffing also doesn’t have a role to play here. Let’s say, you’re reasonably good at the game. There’re a very few games that you’ve actually lost! But then you start playing in a new app and keep on losing the games back-to-back. Is it logical? Not always. If you feel that the person playing rummy online against you is showing excess number of skills, then be sure that the app is not a reliable one. May be a robot has been placed against you!

Negative feedbacks of other people:

The easiest way to find out about an app, is to check the feedback of the other players. If the number of unhappy and dissatisfied players are more, then probably this is not the right app for you! Independent views about the app are highly important and should be considered in all contexts. Every online rummy app is bound to have some ratings, testimonials and reviews. In case if there’s none, then you’ve to be sure that there are some problems with the app.

As a rummy player, you should also check the fair play policies on the websites before proceeding with the app. Make this a habit and you’ll never be cheated. As per the Fair play act there’s always a certificate available that is generally put up on the app or on the website.

Check the same and start playing a safe game!

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