Tricks to Help You to Understand Your Opponent’s Game in Rummy

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Tricks to Help You to Understand Your Opponent’s Game in Rummy

You can build up winning strategies only when you know what’s cooking in your opponent’s head! Concentration and observation will do the trick for you. Believe it or not, the rummy patti game is a complete game of skills. And assessing the moves and mind of the opponent is a part of the skill set.

Although there’s no set of rules for the same, however, here’s a list that can be of help. However, you also need to have brains and be smart to execute the same properly!

Be a good observer

Which cards is your opponent picking from the open deck? What are the cards that your opponent is discarding? Any move that your opponent does, needs to be monitored by you! Keep hovering like a shadow on every move of your opponent. Your strategy will primarily depend on the moves of your opponents. Some of the good rummy game apps give the opportunity of attempting some trail play versions. Check them out if you feel that it would a problem to understand the behavior of online participants.

Guess the experience of the opponent

Is your opponent a newbie or an experienced one? An old hand will have a better grasp of the bluffs that you are making. Hence, putting on a false face will be difficult. Initially, while you play rummy games online, you’ll definitely not be able to guess the opponent’s experience. This is humanly impossible! It remains impossible for a lifetime. With time you will get better at this.

The sooner you start guessing the same, the better! Because remember that a novice player will make more mistakes and will always be a bit shaky while playing a difficult hand. This will put you on the winning end.

Don’t discard cards first

If you take the first step of discarding the cards, then it will be the biggest mistake on your part. Pick cards from both closed and open deck and conceal your strategy from your opponent. How will you do it? Very simple. Wait for the opponent’s turn. As soon as your competitor discards the cards keep tracking the same. In this way, you’ll be able to understand the type of sequence or the set that the opposite player is targeting.

Build an advanced strategy

Chances of getting lucky in a rummy Patti game is less than 20%. Hence, whenever you enter into the game, make sure that you plan out the strategies well before you start the game. With a well-detailed strategy, you can always be ahead of your opponent. If you know your game, then understanding the gameplay of the opponent becomes easier. Wondering how? Simple. Because you can completely concentrate on the opponent’s game and go on with the same.

To sum it up…

Sometimes being overconfident and being absorbed in the game can cost you the winning moment. Like you, your opponent will have their set of tricks as well. Before strategizing on any aspect, take out some time and watch the records of some famous rummy players and analyze their moves. Who knows maybe a certain move will be beneficial for you in the future?

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