Top Indian Games for A Promising Fun Evening

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Indian and sports are two inseparable aspects. Starting from kabaddi to carrom, ludo to Indian rummy – whether it’s a physical sport or a mind game, Indians have always been on the top with their gaming attributes. Indoor games like carrom and chess are quite popular among the Indians, but after the advent of online rummy, this card game has received successful international recognition as well.

There are many Indian games that you can play in a lazy evening, but some of them are promising even to be played during the evenings. Playing rummy in apps is one of them. To know more check out the blog.


Ask any Indian kid, and ludo is like an integral part of their life. For crazy afternoons, sluggish evenings and sleepless late nights – ludo is always the first choice. It’s a mind-blowing game that helps the family members connect with each other. Simple game, no critical thinking, fun and over the edge experience. Until the time there was technology, ludo boards were to be found in every household. However, like online rummy apps, ludo can now be accessed over online platforms as well. If you are tired of the normal colored ludo, then try out the snake and ladders version! Interesting and unlimited fun!


Also popularly known as Chaturanga, Chess is a purely Indian originated game. Now this is not as easy as rummy card games or ludo. You need to be very intelligent, need to know the tactics and logical reasoning in order to be a winner in a chess game. Indian parents are fantasized about their kids learning this game because they believe that the game can help in broadening their kid’s rational thinking capability.

Online rummy

Not only popular time pass but also a famous source of earning some real time cash while you’re sitting idle in an evening. Prior to the blessings bestowed by technology, Indian rummy was just a game of cards played with family and friends. But now, you can easily start over by downloading an app. Playing rummy online anywhere and anytime makes the game highly feasible in nature. If you opt for the cash games, then using the correct set of strategies will help you win a lot of money! Added benefit isn’t it?


Another old Indian game that has been popular since a long time. Similar to the international game of billiards, carrom may be a called an Indian version of the same. Striking the balls to get the numbers that’s what carrom is all about. However, there’s a twist to the same. You need to know the correct corner or position that will help you grab the ball! Like rummy, this game is also available in online version, however you don’t have the options of playing cash games.

Trying out some of these interesting and enthralling games over a dull evening will surely make the rest of your day good!

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