Effective Tips to Help You Win at Pool Rummy Games

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Indian rummy and its unprecedented popularity have surpassed the boundaries of India to other countries as well. With passage of time rummy game has travelled far and different variations of the game has come up. Pool rummy is one such popular variation which is played by many on online rummy apps.

Although the rules are same as the traditional online rummy, however the gameplay, scoring system and strategies of pool rummy are easier compared to the other variants. Thus, this undoubtedly makes the game popular.

If you’re a novice, or a few timer players of rummy card game, then these effective tips will be helpful for you. Leaning on these tips can definitely put you in a positive position compared to the others. While playing rummy in app, you’ll find two variations of pool rummy, namely 101 pool and 201 pool rummy.

You can absolutely increase your win rate at pool rummy if you just keep these simple tips in mind.

Keep focus on rummy table –

You can win at pool rummy only if you’re keeping a close eye on the opponent’s game. The rules of pool rummy are not very difficult to remember. Only keeping a note of the playing style of the opponent and checking out on the number of discarded cards can help you get of the tricky situation. Make a profile analysis of the other person playing rummy in app. The faster you understand the style the better!

Drop your game at the right time –

Is it sounding silly? Certainly not. Dropping the game at the right time can assure that you win some handsome amount of money in the pool rummy game. Get control of your greed. Don’t let the thought of getting the prize money indulge you into the game. Learn to drop the game at the right time whenever you feel that your game is not going in the right direction.

Keep checking the points –

Always keep a not of the cut off points in pool rummy games. if there are 5 rounds in the game then make a target of winning at least 2 of them so that you can keep a good start. All online rummy apps offer good and feasible scoreboards where you can easily check out the points. Avoid getting eliminated and start playing the game diligently.

Keep your focus for pure sequence –

Pure sequences in any game of rummy are mandatory. Whether it’s the pool rummy or any other version. getting the pure sequence at the earliest is desirable. Rest of the combinations can be formed later. In pool rummy as well, the most vital tip is to get hold of the pure sequence first. If you fail to do so, you’ll be at a loss.

Thus, these pool rummy tips and tricks will definitely help you become a winner in the long run. Try out any variation of pool rummy while keeping these strategies in mind.

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