Tips and Tricks of Playing Online Rummy 500 Variant

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Like different types of rummy game, rummy 500 is also an interesting type to try out. For those who are new to this name, it’s a mixture of Gin and Kalooki rummy. Even in this version the standard deck of cards is used and 2 joker cards are present as well to help you get out of the tricky situation. Almost all online rummy apps have this version of rummy game installed.

The best part about playing this version is that the players get the option of scoring based on the values given on the cards. While playing rummy in app, if you find names like Michigan rummy, Pinochle rummy, then don’t get confused. Different apps use different names! If you’re planning on getting some money into your pockets, then this version is an easy option. All you have to do is lay off all the cards and the one who gets rid of all the cards first, wins the game.

Simple rules, easy money, entertaining game! Check out the rules and start playing rummy 500.

Rules of playing Rummy 500

While playing rummy online, in this version automatically a dealer will be decided and the cards will be dealt clockwise starting from the left side. 7 cards each dealt to the players and rest piled face down. There’s a concept of upcard here. Wondering what’s that? One card is kept face up on the pile. This is known as the upcard.

Similar to the Indian rummy rules to win either a valid set or a valid sequence needs to be formed. 3 or 4 cards are enough to form the same!

Tips of drawing and discarding cards

When it comes to drawing and discarding cards, there’s a minor twist in this version of rummy card game. If you wish to draw a card from the stock pile, then there’s no issue with the same. However, if you want to take a card out of the discarded pile, then there’s a new rule to it. All the cards above the card you take has to be picked up by you as well!

Like in online rummy, if the cards arranged in the discarded pile is as follows: 3 Diamonds, 4 Spades & 6 hearts, and you’re picking up the first on the list that is 3 diamonds, then you’ve to take up the rest down the line as well!

How to end the game?

Till the time all the cards have been used in the stocked-up pile, the game keeps on going. Now to check the winner validity, compare the score of the un melded cards with the melded ones. If the former is higher then it’s a negative score but if the later is higher then the player holding the same becomes the winner.

There’s also a fixed benchmark score in this game. If any player scores more than 500 then he/she is declared to be the highest scorer. Set your target, score more than 500 and be the winner!

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