Strategic Winning Tips to Follow In 13-Card Rummy

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Rummy is no more a festive game! It’s international now. 13 card rummy is the most played variant among all rummy games. although online rummy apps offer other forms like gin rummy, 21-card rummy, etc, however, 13 Patti stands out among the crowd. If you follow these strategic tips, you’re sure to get some success in a 13-card rummy game.

Makes sequences of 3 to 5 cards

Online rummy rules say a sequence or a set has to be of a minimum of 3 cards or more. So, if you can just manage to get hold of 3 consecutive cards, your set or sequence will be done. But what most people do? They focus on making long sequences of 7 to 8 cards! Come on. When you have got an easier way out, then why make things harder?

Discard the high valued ones

High-value cards are poison for the rummy card game. The faster you discard them, the better! If you don’t need the J, K, and Q for the sequence or the set, then it’s better to get rid of the same. For that, getting a pure sequence as soon as you get your cards, is the trick. While playing rummy online, if you’ve high-value cards left at the end your points will be less.

Don’t keep on waiting for cards

Cards are not your slaves. Rummy card game can sometimes turn nasty if the card you want doesn’t show up till the end! Try and adjust the cards which you already have in hand. If a sequence seems impossible with the cards then give up the game. Waiting endlessly for your favorite card doesn’t make sense.

Learn the skill of bluffing

Since you’re playing rummy online, hence there no chance of getting to see your opponent. So, bluffing becomes a tough job here. One smart thing to do is keep confusing your opponent by discarding a few good cards. They’ll try to assume the type of sequence or set you’re targeting.

The trick of 4th consecutive card

13 card rummy rules say that making a sequence or set of 3 cards is mostly preferred. Then what to do with the 4th card? Should you discard the same? Or keep it on hold? Smart rummy players generally prefer keeping the 4th card in hand, in case a similar sequence can be formed later. Rather always give away a less useful card.


Using these tips for the online rummy app can improve your gameplay. If 13 cards rummy is your genre, then use these tactics and see the difference. Your playing methods will improve within days. Just feel the difference.

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