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Kudos to digitalization, today everything is online! Delicious food, stylish garments, household items, medicines, books – anything you want will be delivered to your doorstep with online services. The gaming industry is also not far behind in this race. Among all others, online rummy has taken up a prominent position among the millennials.

The more technology and the internet have developed, the more distance it has created among individuals. Years ago, rummy was a social game. Indian rummy was mostly played in functions, festivals, and family gatherings. However, the introduction of online rummy apps has given rummy a new face. Does becoming an addict detaches you from all social surroundings? Not necessarily!

Many may not be knowing that rummy card games can help in virtual socializing. So, the tag of being anti-social can be waived off easily if you know the perfect way out of it. We’ve listed a few points, that’ll make you realize the importance of playing rummy in the app.

Get to make new friends

For obvious reasons, if you keep on playing the rummy game in one particular app for a long time, you’ll surely come across the same people more than twice. Their avatars or user names will make you remember the last time you’ve played with them. Like social chat rooms, this is also a great option for getting new friends on board. Who knows you may end up finding one of the dearest friends from online rummy sites! So, interaction is possible, however, it’s up to you whether you want to interact with your opponent or you want to stay still throughout the game.

Makes you extrovert

For introvert players, this is the best option to let yourself out. No real name, no real picture – you can express your heart out to the others present in the rummy table without any hesitation. Researches show that online rummy apps have helped in building great friendship stories indeed! Enjoying the game helps the player in making up better strategies. If you’re only focused on earning real money, you may get bored soon.

Fosters family bonding

Do a few members of your family stay abroad? Then meeting them over festivals can be difficult. Playing a rummy game can solve this problem. You may wonder how? Very easy, build up your virtual team with your relatives over the online apps, and start playing together. Would you still say that online rummy can make an individual a loner?

Builds up a virtual relation

Human interaction is very much possible in online rummy apps. There’s always a chat option available in all apps. Since millennials nowadays are short of time, hence this virtual interaction can be effective to build up great social relationships. Moreover, the apps are downloaded on your mobile. So, it’s very convenient to just open and start playing anytime.

With so many social benefits listed above, if next time you’re marked as a loner by any external person, then do reply back by stating these points. For people who are shy and want to avoid social awkwardness, online rummy is a great option of interacting socially.

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