Smart Tips of Puzzling Your Opponents during a Rummy Game

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Rummy is a game of cards. Playing it smartly can give you an edge over your opponents. A right prediction, a calculated move, and a smart bluff – will make you a certified rummy winner. Initially, it may look like a difficult game, but you can easily win cash in rummy if you know the tricks of outsmarting your opponents.

When it’s an online rummy game, then fooling an opponent is a cakewalk! Virtual games don’t allow you or your opponent to check out the body language or the style, so, even if you’re bluffing there’s still no way your challenger can guess the same.

How to confuse your opponent? Here are a few smart tricks that’ll surely help you do so.

Take the unwanted card

When you’re playing the rummy game online, you don’t know your opponents, so there’s no chance that either you or your opponent can predict the move. That’s where you can play your masterstroke! Pick up an unwanted card from the deck. Instantly your challenger will feel that’s the card you’re going to use to make the sequence.

If your opponent is not a highly-experienced rummy player, then you can bet on, that the opponent will change the gaming strategy and discard some of the cards. That’s it, one wrong move from the opponent, and you’re into the game!

Bluff and confuse them

Start pulling many cards randomly from the deck. Take up high-value cards to put up a false picture in the mind of the opponent. The same way you start discarding the lower value cards. This can sound a bit risky, but it is the best way to play with the mind of the challenger.

Doing this gives the opponent a feel that you’re on a winning spree! They get trapped in their own decisions and start making some random wrong moves. Take advantage and put forward your best move.

Make them feel insecure

Remember that you’re playing online rummy games, so work on your strong points and the weak points of your opponents. Be confident, smart, and quick in analyzing the moves. Being nervous and insecure can get you to lose out on a huge amount of money. Take up the cards with the maximum points and make them feel unsecured.

Pick up the important ones

Getting the right cards for setting up of the sequence is the most important deal of the game. Let’s say that you need a king of hearts or diamonds to form a set, then give up your queen of diamonds and wait for the opponent to make the dumb move! Yes, as soon as you give up your queen of diamonds, the challenger will also definitely give up on the king of diamonds.

Eureka! Pick up the card you need and start setting the desired sequence.

You can be a master in this game with repeated practice. Just a day-old player will not be able to outwit his opponents with any possible tricks or tips. Rummy is a brain game. Hence, expert skills are desirable.

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