Simple Ways to Evaluate Your Scores in Online Rummy Games

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If you’re playing rummy, the mathematics should be your constant companion. Without knowledge of numbers, it’s impossible to get through advanced stages of the game. Unlike other card games, online rummy needs your undivided attention and basic knowledge of things like permutations, combinations and probability.

Let’s say that you’re doing well in your online rummy app. You’ve scored quiet a lot! But what is your score? Well, there are many, even the veterans who are not aware of the scores evaluating system of rummy. if you can play the game, win the cash and get yourself out of the tricky situations, then checking the points is not a big deal! Always remember while playing rummy in apps, that all points have numeric values expect the face cards like jack, king, queen and ace that carry 10 points each.

In case of Indian rummy or 13 card rummy game, a capping of 80 points is present in almost all rummy apps. While playing rummy in app, if you don’t get a pure sequence, then the points for the cards that’ll remain with you will be counted as your final points. That’s a common rule. But every rummy variant has their own set of rules.

So, check out the following blog to know more about the different scoring systems of rummy card games.

Points rummy: 

Out of all the variants, points rummy is the easiest one. As soon as a player declares the game with zero points, the person wins. In case the card that you have can give you a winning strike, then you can drop the game and get some scores as well. 20 points assured for the players who drops at first move, 40 points for those who drops at the middle of the game. Playing rummy online can get you a lot of points if you know how to calculate the same!

Pool Rummy: 

Counting points in pool rummy is similar to points rummy system. With a very slight difference where you get 101 or 201 mark before you get out of the game. While playing rummy in app, you can either opt to play the pool rummy or points rummy version which are in reality highly scoring and can get a lot of money to your bank account! Professionals generally maintain the minimum possible points so that the losing boundary is very less.

Deals Rummy:

This rummy game is generally played with a number of chips. So simply if you think of calculating the points in deal rummy, you’ll have to keep a note of the chips that you hold in hand. The faster you finish off the game with zero points the better. This is the only version of rummy game where with every deal you can declare your cards. So, at the end of the game, the winner will get all the chips from the losers. That’s how you get the points in this rummy card game.

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