Rummy Outshines Most Card Games Globally

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Card games are no new concepts in India, and games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Bluff, Bridge and Poker, to name a few, have been around for centuries. Card games originated in India from the Mughals, though it was there in China before 1000 AD. Compared to other card games, rummy is easier to learn and play.

Rummy has a better fanbase in India, that can be played between friends, family, neighbors, and different citizens of the country, online and offline. There are many South Indian movies that feature the rummy card game and Indians love rummy for years to say the least.

The offline features of Rummy, make it easily accessible across different age groups and platforms. Rummy can be played without a deck of cards that need not be replaced when they wear out. There are around 25,000 players playing Rummy at any given time and it is easy to learn and users find the different variants of the 13-card game easier to grasp compared to other card games – though it takes years to master the art. Rummy requires a systematic way of calculation and estimation, that requires skill in a player, and is a game for every season and festival, justifying its popularity.

After rummy, poker and Teen Patti has a decent fan base, and like other card games, has lucrative prizes and real time money for the players. There are many card games which are not allowed in many Indian states, and globally, and that is where rummy has the edge. There are practically no restrictions to the game of rummy across the world, and in India, the skill-based card game is approved by the Supreme Court.

With online gaming booming across the globe, and access to mobile gadgets for Gen X in India, it is predicted that the online gaming market can reach a growth of USD 22.2 billion between 2020-2027, where Rummy plays an imperative role.

Goa, a state in South India, has the largest online rummy market considering their gaming culture, and the 24/7 availability of the card game has had the highest demand and impact there.

The popularity of rummy card games is across the globe, where players engage themselves via mobile application or websites, although, to earn real time money and keep the bank balance ticking, one must be an expert in the game. Like any other competitive field or game, there are players who are pros in it, though playing the game involving money while being an amateur, might be costly, as financial losses can incur.

There are many in-demand online card games that help in the growth of one’s pocket, win many attractive prizes; though Rummy is more appealing and engaging to the majority of our countrymen. Rummy helps in the development of mental strength, ability, and even logical thinking, to great heights.

Considering the world-wide situation, where work-from-home and ‘work-for-home’ is the new normal, online Rummy can be a source of income, stress buster and may help in skill development – all these just with the help of a mobile application and the internet.

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