Reasons Behind Popularity of 13 Card Rummy in India

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Among all the variants of rummy, this is one whose roots can be traced back to India. Over centuries now, this game is being played by Indians. Even before online rummy came into existence, 13 card rummy was played at every Indian festival. Ask any Indian and you’ll find great reviews about the same. However, you may wonder why Indian rummy is one of the most popular rummy variants?

Considering the increasing trend in the number of players, it is evident that playing rummy online is no more an alien concept. If you’re concerned to know more about the popularity of this variant, then read on and get your concepts cleared.

Why is 13- card rummy a popular rummy variant?

Where did 13 card rummy originate? The obvious answer is India. Thus, it is evident that the Indians are completely in love with this rummy card game. Unlike the other variants of rummy, playing rummy online under this variant is more liked by the Indians. Not only can they flaunt their skills but also be proud of being the originator of the game.

Then again, if you’ve experienced all the variants of rummy well, then you’ll be knowing that 13 cards are the easiest game variant that you can play on. Whether it’s the pool or the points, getting your sequences right and that too at one go – playing 13 cards rummy can ensure the same.

13 card games also play an indispensable role in bringing the whole Indian family together and under one single roof. From the time people started playing online rummy in apps, things became better. Unlike the points and the pools rummy, in 13 cards rummy, the rules of winning the game are very clear and crisp. Moreover, you will get many free games available on different rummy apps. You can significantly play and win loads in cash over time. Whether it’s online or in offline version, the rules for the game remains unchanged.

The only thing that you need to concentrate on while playing this rummy game is making a pure sequence as fast as possible. If you’re able to build up the same at the initial stage of the game, then your winning probability increases. Apart from that, you can also play long rummy tournaments if you have got a sufficient amount of time.

13 card rummy apps are good in all respects. Hence, if winning cash is your motive, then playing this variant will definitely help you make some good amounts of fortune. The veterans are always in favor of this variant. Want to know why? Because it’s the easy way out to make money from rummy!

Moreover, unlike the other rummy games, 13 card ensures that you use your brain to the fullest. So, for the brainers, this is undoubtedly a very good game and is a more feasible option in comparison to the other variations of rummy.

Since the time people have started playing rummy online, the popularity of 13 cards and 21 card rummy is going leaps and bounds.

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