Points Rummy vs. Pool Rummy – Which One is a Better Online Rummy Game?

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Indian rummy game has a lot of variations. With so many options available in any online rummy app that you browse through, Indian rummy gets interesting. For the veterans, points and pool are the two most played versions. Although there’s a very slight difference between both, however, while a few prefer playing the points, there’s a whole group who are in favor of playing the points rummy.

Which one is faster and more popular?

Points rummy is the one which is more popular and proceeds at a very fast rate. On the other hand, pool is the type of rummy game where the ultimate goal of the player is to reach zero points and become a winner. In the pool rummy the cut off points are decided at the beginning. While playing rummy online, for pool rummy they need to be fast and make quick moves.

If asked about the basic difference, it is very clear that points rummy ends in just one round. While pool rummy can go on for a series of game for sometimes. Whenever you start playing pool rummy, you’ll get challenges at every point of the game. But if you’re in a hurry, then points are the best option for playing rummy online. For the ones who wants to keep on playing the game for long hours, Pool is the most favorable option.

Hence, there’s no solution to the debate which goes on among the rummy players. Which one is better? This in literal sense depends on the type of player who is playing the game. Sometimes playing rummy for at a stretch can be really tiring. That’s when it’s better to opt for points rummy.

What’s the difference between the rules of points and pool rummy?

Players playing pool as online rummy needs to form a pure sequence and an impure sequence in order to win the game. In points rummy there’s no such issues. There are single deals and a winner is declared at every deal. The one with zero points at the end id generally declared as the winner.

Every variant has its own set of challenges. Knowing the basic rules makes the game easier. The more you spend time on different platforms, the easier it gets. Similarly, the decision of choosing between points and pool rummy will merely depend on the confidence level and the expertise depending on which the game will be played. You can improve the game by practicing the same over and over again.

There are endless opportunities for playing rummy game and thus whether it’s pool or points you can try your hands in either of the one. Depending on the skills of the player, the rummy tournament needs to be selected. Playing rummy in app will definitely give you a high degree of exposure and vast number of traditional offers. So, online rummy variants are the best options for the professionals.

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