Pick Unwanted Cards to Win at Online Rummy

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Do you want to confuse your opponent with some clever trick? If yes, then pick up the unwanted cards and leave your opponents in awe! Although this is an age-old trick, however to win at rummy game, picking the undesired cards will make you a winner in the long run. However, just because we’re saying this, doesn’t mean that you’ll pick up any random card that’s at bay!

Think, look, decide and then pick up some of the cards that have been discarded by your opponents in the open deck. Let your opponent think deep about the type of sequence or set that you’re probably targeting. Online rummy apps are the best option for trying out the same variants! This will certainly transform your game and take you towards the winning path.

But before you venture into the process of it’s necessary to know which cards are actually unwanted for you? Well, the answer depends on the type of hand that you’re having. Sometimes a high-valued card can be unwanted or at times the low-valued cards can also be unwanted. So, when you’re picking up a very high valued card discarded by your opponent while playing rummy, then you’re bound to confuse the opponent in his tricks.

So, if you opponent is a smart player, you can be smarter than him by confusing him/her. Make the unwanted and discarded cards your winning strategy! Want to know how? Then, read on.

Adopt the opposite strategy

What’s the basic rule of playing rummy in app? Making up the sequences or sets as fast as possible. Hence, in most of the cases, you’ll find opponents initially discarding or dropping off the high-valued cards. This is a very predictable and common strategy! However, to outsmart your challenger, pick up one or two high valued cards from the discarded pile. This will keep them engaged in thoughts about predicting the type of sequences that you might be having! You can also hold on to some low valued cards as well. This will make them go berserk! In the process of trying find out your probable hand, they will surely make some wrong moves.

Take up low-valued cards

Let’s say you have 4, 3 and 2 of the same color and same shapes, then taking up 1 of the same color and group will complete your sequence. This is unquestionably a smart trick. But remember, you must have ample amount of confidence and knowledge to execute it effectively. Before you execute the same, its better to practice the same with free games that are available in different online rummy apps. However, there are times when you may not even notice that the less valued cards are still remaining in your hand, while you’ve declared the sequences and the sets.

Rather than just reading this post, it is advisable to start using the trick in your game as well. If you’re not confident enough, then try out your skills with a few practice games. Once you’ve mastered the strategy, there’s no stopping you.

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