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addicted card games

Top 4 Popular Card Games That Can Keep You Addicted

Life is fun when you can play an ample number of games! For ages, playing different card games with the family has been a tradition. Rummy, Poker, Solitaire, and Bridge – common card games that interest everyone irrespective of age and gender. With the internet

online rummy facts

5 Curious Facts about Online Rummy

Is the prolonged work from home phase messing with your mood? Then, indulging in a mesmerizing game of online rummy is absolutely a wonderful idea. Make the first move and you’ll get on with the flow of the game! With so many gaming companies developing rummy apps nowadays, passionate

rummy - goof or bad

Rummy – Good or Bad in Real Life?

Did you get kicked out of the house for your dire addiction towards card games? Cheer up mate, you’re not the only one! Although society has progressed and become bored minded, however till now rummy cards are considered a waste of time and unproductive games by

Dependable Rummy Playing Tips

Dependable Rummy Playing Tips for Online Rummy Beginners

Dependable Rummy Playing Tips for Online Rummy Beginners Rummy is a mind-game – proven and popular fact! So, if you don’t know the basic rules of probability, mathematics, and logic, then rummy is certainly not the game that you should try. However, if you’ve already

rummy game tricks

Tricks to Help You to Understand Your Opponent’s Game in Rummy

Tricks to Help You to Understand Your Opponent’s Game in Rummy You can build up winning strategies only when you know what’s cooking in your opponent’s head! Concentration and observation will do the trick for you. Believe it or not, the rummy patti game is a complete

play online games with friends

5 Online Games to Play with Your Friends without Meeting Them

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and social interactions are the ways in which we can meet up our friends or even make new friends nowadays. Unlike the past times, when playing indoor and outdoor games were normal, interacting online with friends is the new normal now!

tips for indian rummy playing

5 Tips to Keep You Ahead of Your Opponents in Indian Rummy

5 Tips to Keep You Ahead of Your Opponents in Indian Rummy Rummy games involve an incredible number of challenges. As you move up to the levels in this game, you’ll find yourself in pitfalls with no ways out of the same. Beating your opponent in

ways to overcome a bad day at rummy

4 Smart Ways to Overcome A Bad Day At Rummy

If you start playing rummy whenever you’re bored or when you feel that you need cash, then encountering a bad streak in rummy is unavoidable. A bad series in rummy can make you highly sad and demotivated! Remember, that rummy is not a game of

reasons of defeat at online rummy

6 Accurate Reasons behind Your Defeat at Online Rummy

For a professional rummy player, winning is not an important thing, rather it’s everything! The passion for card games is highly motivated by the fact that in every match they’ll get the opportunity of playing rummy and earn real money. Some people have made online