Online Rummy Tournaments – What are the Benefits of Participating in the Same?

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Online rummy is gaining popularity at a fast pace. For those who’ve played almost all types of rummy variants, rummy tournaments are a thrilling experience. But before you plunge into the addictive world of rummy tournaments, study about the same.

Tournaments that you’re going to play in the rummy app are not similar to that of the deals, points, and pools game. They’re completely different. Generally, in every online rummy app, you’ll find two types of rummy tournaments – freeroll and cash tournaments. If you’re in for some cash prizes, then it’s the tournaments that should be your ultimate aim.

The wide exposure that’ll get is simply incomparable. Moreover, the players in Indian rummy tournaments are given a fixed number of chips with pre-decided points. What’s the winning process? Very simple. After every deal, the winner acquires the chips of the losers. If you know the right moves, then this can help you get lakhs and lakhs of money.

Why play rummy tournaments?

Because you want to earn lakhs and millions! That’s something that you’ll read in every blog about rummy tournaments. But apart from that, there are a few other benefits to it as well. Rummy games are skill-based games. Tournaments can increase the skills further. Since a tournament goes on and on, you get to play many hands. Further playing for a long helps you improve your hands. Winning some cool amounts of cash prizes is very easy when you’re playing rummy tournaments.

Moreover, playing rummy online can help you get a better option. The ultimate money prize opportunities are majorly attached to this. Why more and more people are addicted to rummy tournaments? Because the majority of the rummy apps offer high amounts of cash prizes in the tournaments only. Thus, the prize money is all the more a reason to indulge in this game.

Types of rummy tournaments to play

There’s no mandate that whenever you play rummy in the app, you’ll have to play cash tournaments. For the under-confident players, there’s the option of playing freeroll tournaments as well. In the case of freeroll ones, just start playing the game like a practice game without losing much money. The registration for the freeroll tournaments starts a few hours before the beginning of the tournament.

Cash tournaments are for the experienced ones. While playing rummy in the app, definitely try out the cash ones for sure. But remember that if you forget participating in the game for at least 3 turns then your turn will get eliminated. Just make up the right set of moves and you’ll know where to target the same.


The major reason behind people opting for cash tournaments is the high prize money that they’ll supposedly get once they can make the right strategies and right moves. You’ll find some of the best rummy apps holding cash and freeroll tournaments every day. So, anytime you want to play, just register, deposit and start playing the games and wins lakhs and lakhs of money.


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