Online Rummy – Common Terminologies of Indian Rummy

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Have you ever played a game of Indian rummy with Indians? If yes, then you might have come across terms like paplu, nichlu and tiplu. Very popular and common, these terms are randomly used by rummy players while playing rummy in apps. Especially in parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan, a game of rummy is incomplete without these terminologies.

However, for many these might seem some alien concepts. Moreover, since there’s a basic difference in the rules of Indian rummy and other variants, hence it’s better to become aquatinted with the nitty-gritties of the game. Instead of getting confused, it’s better to decode the real meaning of these terms. Now let’s check out the discussion to understand the meaning of these three funny terms – paplu, nichlu and tiplu.

21 cards each are dealt to each player while playing rummy game. once the same has been done, one card is pulled out which is known as tiplu. Again, the name nichlu has been coined to the card of the same suit less in value to tiplu. The card higher in value than tiplu is called paplu.

Simple to remember, isn’t it? If you’ve confusion till now, then go through this easy example to get your thoughts clarified.

If the card that is pulled out is J and it’s the tiplu, then the remaining two Js in the deck is also tiplu. Now which is the higher card in the deck after J? Obviously, the Q! Thus, remember in online rummy app all the Qs are then paplu. And 10 is the card that comes lower in sequence after the J. So, automatically all the 10s become nichlu.

Hopefully next time whenever you hear these terms you can identify the cards and won’t be in a mess! One more thing that needs to be remembered is these three cards have points allotted on them. For example tiplu is a 3 pointer card, nichlu is a 2 pointer card and paplu is also a 3 pointer card. So whenever, you’re playing Indian rummy totaling these points also matter.

Another interesting fact that makes this game stand out in the crowd is the sequence that is formed with tiplu, paplu and nichlu is known as marriage. Now this is a very interesting term that you will surely get to hear from Indian rummy players. The game rules are simple for Indian rummy and hence the popularity for this game is more than any other variant.

Now that your basic understanding of the same is clear, you can easily start with the game and end up being a winner anytime you want.

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