Multi-player Rummy or, Single-player Rummy – Which One is Suitable for You?

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During the ancient times, when internet was not present, playing cards in a group was fun. Indian rummy at that time was played between many people. So, there’s was hardly any concept of single player options in rummy.

There were no formal set ups, no basic trainings and no unfair ways of playing the game. Now come to the present times!  Let’s say you’re playing rummy in app, then you’re well acquainted with the fact that there are several options available for playing the game. You’ve options of playing rummy tournaments, single player rummy and even multiple player rummy games. You can either play at 2 player tables or at 6 player tables. However, how will you decide on the most suitable one?

You will come across veterans, who can play both and that too at the same time! Let’s assume that you’re not a multi-tasker, then which one should you opt for? Read on to know more.

If speed matters

While playing rummy in app, players look for the speed and excitement more than anything else. But the level of speed differs in case of single and multiple tables. If you’re playing at single tables then super fast decisions and quick gameplay is guaranteed. However, in multiple table rummy card games the speed is slow and it takes a lot of time to end the game. So, if you’re a deep thinker then multiple tables are your forte.

If winning cash is important

At a single player table, you and your opponent will the two people who’ll be playing the game. Hence the winning amount will not be much. Playing points rummy in online rummy apps is the commonest option ever availed. So, you get to win only the sum of the points of your opponents multiplied by the rupee value of each point! That’s not a lot of amount.  But when it comes to multiple player table, you can win a lot of cash. That’s obvious because you can accumulate a lot of points from all the participants in the table.

If winning is the only motto

No cash, no gifts, only winning is the sole purpose of the player! If you’re that kind of a player, then it’s always better to chose the right type of table before proceeding with the game. In a single player table, the chances of winning are 50-50. Since you’ve only one person to beat, hence if you’ve good skills at rummy, then winning doesn’t seem a difficult part.

However, that’s not the case at multiple table rummy games. there might be many players. What are their skill levels? How much experienced are the players? Bluffing becomes really difficult if you’re playing with so many people around the table. Further, multiple table games get trickier if you’re playing rummy in app.

If challenge is the major thrust

In case you want an edge of the seat experience, then playing at the single table can get boring with time. You won’t be glued to the screens for long since you’re only matching wits against the smartness of one person. But playing at multiple tables will ensure that you’re facing challenges every now and then.

Decide rationally and proceed towards a winning gameplay!

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