6 Misconceptions That Restricts Players from Playing Online Rummy Games

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Winning at online rummy is not as easy as it may seem. Just because you’ve worn your lucky color today, that doesn’t mean that you’ll win millions while playing rummy game. There are several myths that have cropped up over the years surrounding the game.  In case you’re planning on making rummy as a career option, then you need to be careful. Don’t get yourself tangled in any kind of myth.

Here’s a list of myths that you need to be aware of in order to play this game skillfully.

Myth1: If you’re lucky you can win at rummy

There’s absolutely no place for luck in rummy card games. If you’re planning to win, then you’ve to be skilled, use logical reasoning and most importantly use your brains to crack the game. You must also indulge in months of practice to get the game clearly set in your mind!

Myth2: Rummy is a sheer waste of time

Have a look at the winner history of different rummy apps and decide for yourself whether this statement holds any truth or not! If you’re not serious about the game and is just meddling with the cards then it may seem like a waste of time. Otherwise, rummy can be a great career option. Luck will only play a part of getting you the right set of cards. The rest is in your hands.

Myth3: Don’t give your bank details at rummy sites

This is a haunting fact that restricts people from playing rummy in apps. They think that giving out the details will make their bank accounts vulnerable to the hackers. Don’t worry players!  If you’ve selected an authentic online rummy app, then your bank details will be protected unde3r several security measures.

Myth4: Rummy is an illegal game

Many people fear from playing rummy because they feel that even downloading online rummy app is illegal. However, please be assured that the game is completely legal and is only prohibited in some states of India. However, if you’re belonging from those states then the website will give you a warning before you even proceed any further.

Myth5: As a newcomer you’ll never win at rummy games

This is a prevalent misconception that every pro rummy player puts into the minds of the newbies. Rummy is a game of skill, there is no such thing that prevents a new player from winning the game. if you have brains and are aware of the rules, then rummy is definitely your game!

Myth6: Rummy is a new type of card game

For online rummy app players, rummy seems to fascinating as they think that it’s a very new and advanced version of card game. But listen up people! Indian rummy has been in existence for ages now. You might be surprised to know that rummy has initially originated from Chinese game Mah-jong. So, you might new at online rummy, but the game is not a new one. Go through the history of the game before arguing on the same.

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