Men or Women – Who Is More Addicted to Rummy Card Game?

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Unlike the old days, women are now independent earners. Ambitious, fun-loving, and creative – women are into everything now. May it be politics, space science, or online games – you’ll find girls making it at the top of the charts. When it comes to card games like the rummy game, it’s always been considered as a man’s game.

But is it fair to discriminate against a game based on gender? Gone are the days, when housewives used to fuss over the men indulged in online rummy apps all day. Tables have been turned and it’s the girls of the house who are addicted to the game, sometimes more than the men.

Here are a few reasons that make women download online rummy frequently. They might have not won the games, but they are definitely heading towards defeating the male counterparts.

Relief from hectic schedules

Mostly the housewives are playing rummy online. They are engaged in household chores from the morning and generally get free within the afternoon. Online rummy is a bliss for them. Like a breath of fresh air. They love the concept of playing the game anywhere anytime! Completely flexible for women who are engaged in works.

Quick money is attractive

Money is a big factor for women. The chance of earning while at home is a really attractive offer for all girls. Indian rummy is thus popular among the ladies of the Indian household. The pleasure of winning money from online rummy apps is loved by women. So, men are aware, women are surging high on rummy platforms. They may just overtake the male players and make a place for themselves in the world of online games.

Women have a high patience level

This is one thing that makes female rummy players better than the male ones. Females are more focused, patient, and is good with calculations. These skills come naturally to women. So, playing the rummy game doesn’t seem hard for them. They only need to learn the rules and the rest is natural.

Women love mental challenges

Challenge a lady to complete a task and you’ll get some brilliant results of her! Women love challenges. The more they get, the more excited their life becomes. And when it’s a mental challenge, it goes very well with them. Rummy games are all about using brains to the fullest. Naturally, female players are in love with the game! They are able to project their mental abilities and its super fun to do the same.

To sum it up…

The online gaming industry is going to see a new trend very soon. Online rummy apps are already on every girl’s mobile phone. They might not be as addicted as the male players. However, online rummy is an exhilarating experience for the female players as well. Rather than discriminating, it’s better to accept the existence of women in this field as well.

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