Interesting Facts About Marriage – A Rare Rummy Version

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The mere term “marriage” seems irrelevant with rummy card game. However, for those who don’t know, marriage is a popular version of rummy that is played in Nepal and Bhutan. Hence, if you mention this name outside India, people may think you’re kidding. Especially during the festive seasons people love playing this game. Like online rummy, this version also has 52 cards each and is played with 2-5 players.

However, if you start playing marriage without knowing the basic rules of Indian rummy, then you’ll be at a loss. How to win at Indian rummy? Simply, by forming sequences and sets. There’s a trick in marriage. While for the normal rummy same suits and same-value sets are used, but in marriage rules are different. Playing marriage in any online rummy app is difficult. Rather the same is not much popular. Here there’s no case of same suits of same value cards rather the whole game is depended on 3 cards only.

The three most important cards in marriage are tiplu, paplu and nichlu. After all the cards are distributed to the players, the left-over card is known as tiplu. The one below tiplu in the samer suit is nichlu and the one above is paplu. So, the rule of this variant of rummy card game is to form a sequence of paplu, tiplu and nichlu!

Now the trick is how to win in a marriage? That’s also a simple rule. These three cars are pointer cards and the winner with the highest number of points gets the money! As far as the rules are concerned, it’s undoubtedly the simplest variation of rummy. In case you’re lucky enough to get 3 identical cards, you can show them and declare your cards immediately. But remember while playing this rummy game, if you don’t show the cards in the beginning and they become obsolete later.

You can easily end the game. There are two legal ways for the same. Either declare your cards with 3 combinations called tunnels or pure sequences or you can end the game if you draw a card. The second option can be availed only when you’ve 8 dublees and you can use them to win the round.

However, as you go deep into the technicalities of marriage, you’ll find that people have invented many variations of this game as well. This is already an easier version of Indian rummy; however, the different variations are making things complicated now.

One more thing that needs to be remembered. Joker card will not save you in this game. you can use the joker card only when you’ve submitted your first set of cards. So, there’s technically no savior at your service. Remember, the second half of the game depends on the type of cards you’ve got in the first half of the game. Hence, while starting to play, if you feel that the cards that have been dealt are not good, you can go ahead and quit the game instead of continue with the gameplay.

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