Important Buttons That Online Rummy Players Often Ignore

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Showing off your rummy skills wont land you into any favorable position. Unlike the traditional Indian rummy, in online rummy a player needs to be alert all the time. Because there are a lot of buttons involved in online rummy apps. One wrong press and the game goes out of hand!

The most common mistake that is noticed among players playing rummy on mobiles is the high level of distraction that results in pressing of drop button rather than discard button! So, your intention was something different and you end up doing something else. Be very attentive while you’re playing the game. Remember that lots of money is involved in the game. If you want to win then being smart is the best thing you can do.

Here’s a list of few buttons in online rummy apps that you need to be careful about. A wrong move can be costly!

Drop button vs discard button

Although the two words are synonymous, however both have different roles to play in rummy apps. You can use the drop button to leave the current game at any point of time. But if you press the discard button then, you’ll get the option of giving up on cards. Now let’s say you’re playing the game on the go and without realizing press the drop button instead of the discard button! Then what? Your game ends and you lose out on the money.

Keeping a note of consecutive misses

In online rummy you’ve to keep in mind to press the play button once your turn comes up! This is not an issue in case of the traditional rummy version. Rather while playing rummy online, if you miss turn after turn, then after 2 consecutive miss outs, you’ll be automatically dropped out from the game. Sounds unfair? Well, this rule has been made keeping in mind the lack of seriousness exhibited by the online players. The person sitting on the other side of the table has no clue about you or your activities. Hence, repeated misses can make him/her frustrated.

Bonus cards

There’re a few good as well as bad aspects of online rummy. Bonus card button option is one good option! These are like the trump cards that you get when you play online rummy in app. But the numbered bonus cards keep on changing with every round. So, take a note of the same at the very beginning and use it wisely to win the game.

Open pile

This is the place in online rummy where you and your opponents will discard their unwanted cards. There you’ll also get the option of picking up the discarded cards from the pile. So, missing out on this button while playing the game can be a great miss for the players.

What you need to do is keep a sharp eye on the cards and the buttons. Since you’ll be playing in your mobile phones, hence the less screen space may result in missing out or error in typing the right button at the right time. So, always be alert!

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