High-Value Cards in Rummy – To Keep or Discard Them?

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Do you have an expensive car or a precious and gorgeously decorated piece of diamond necklace? What do you do with such luxurious and high-value items? Any rational person will keep such prized possessions safely locked away in their closets!

However, in rummy, this simple rationality doesn’t hold good. High valued cards in rummy are not a blessing but a curse for the holder. In one word, these cards are unwanted in the rummy lobby.

For first-time players getting real cash in rummy is easy, only you need to play your mind and your cards in the right direction. Let’s have a look at high-valued cards and what to do when you have them in your hand?

What are high-valued and unwanted cards?

Ace, King, Queen, and Jack the four prestigious cards belonging to the royal family carries 10 points each. What does your logic say? Hold as much as you can so that you can get loads of points! But the logic in rummy is a bit different. Winners in the rummy game online and live, are the ones who have zero points in their bucket. Others are ranked accordingly from lowest to the highest.

Even if you don’t end up with a zero, the lower your points are the more amount of real cash in rummy you’ll get! Then, what to do with the high-valued cards? Get rid of them as you get towards the end of the game.

When to dump the high-valued cards?

Not at the very beginning! That’s the basic mistake that most novice players do while playing rummy online. Look before you leap! This stands true for rummy as well. Check the hand before you discard the cards. Because as soon as you discard it, your opponent may pick up the same and form a pure sequence out of it!

Tip #1 Check for a pure run sequence

First, check your hand nicely. Check if you can use the cards to form a pure sequence. Let’s say you have the Ace, Kind, Queen and just need a Jack to form a pure sequence. Look for the same in the cards discarded by the opponents. Get one and form your sequence successfully.

Tip #2 Keep a look on the opponent’s hand

If you think that discarding one of your 10 pointers can become a huge hit for the opponent, then retain the card. Although difficult in rummy online, analyzing the opponent’s card is the most important aspect. Don’t discard a high-value card if another player is capable of making a sequence out of it! That’s your loss and their benefit.

Tip #3 Restrict your opponent from completing the sequence

It’s possible to predict the sequence of the opponent in the rummy game online. How? Simple, if you find the opponent picking up high-valued cards like King, then he might be thinking of forming either a 10-J-Q-K sequence or A-K-Q sequence. Now, that you’ve predicted the same. You know what to do with your high-valued cards. Keep them with yourself!

There’ve been plenty of examples of rummy game loss due to hasty discarding of the high-valued cards at the very beginning of the game. Please remember that every card in rummy plays an essential role in some way or the other. You need to use them in the right place to get the right results.

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