Gin or Indian Rummy – Which is Preferred by Online Rummy Players?

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Rummy is a popular game. Not only Indian rummy but also the other variants like Points, Gin, Contract is also a few ones that are played by many. Although the basic rules are the same, however, with the change of countries there’ve been variations in the rules. But if you ask any online rummy player, you’ll find two names very common – Gin and Indian rummy.

However, rummy veterans generally don’t like changing the type of game that they are playing. if you’re in the United States, then Gin is a common type that is played in rummy apps. Again, in the Asian subcontinents, Indian rummy is a more favorable option. Both are easy and can help you win lots of money if you play flawlessly.

Entertainment and fun are guaranteed whatever variant of rummy you’re planning on playing. In any good rating online rummy app, you’ll surely find all the variants and you can start playing without any issues.

However, there’s always a debate about which is the better variant. To date, for playing the rummy game, mostly Indian rummy fans are ranking at the top. Following the trail is the 13-card rummy. So where does Gin rummy stands? Let’s have a look at the differences between Gin and Indian rummy to have a better understanding.

Joker is an important card

Unlike Indian rummy, in Gin rummy, there’s no concept of a joker. Now imagine that you’re playing the rummy game without the joker! The mere thought is highly astonishing. This is a very prominent reason which makes gin rummy more famous compared to Indian rummy. The card deck used in Indian rummy is 53 while in gin it’s 52. Gin rummy thus makes your life difficult. You’ll have to wait for long hours to get the right sequences and sets. A wildcard in every game is a must!

Role of aces

What is the value of aces and how it can be used? This is a major question. In the Indian version aces are 10 points each and so you can easily use the same to either make a high or a low sequence. But in gin, there’s no such facility. The aces are 1-point worth. So here aces can’t be used for dual purpose. You can only use it for the lower sequence. The sad news isn’t it?

Uncomplicated scoring system

When you’re playing Indian rummy as soon as you declare your pure-pure/impure and sets, your score becomes zero. Now the points of the losing players are calculated by totaling the unmatched cards that they’ve in their hands. Easy enough? Definitely. But the case is complicated in gin rummy. The players here have two options. First, declare cards without any deadwood. Here the player declaring gets 25 points. The second method is knocking. This can be availed only when the total unmatched cards in hand are lower than 10. Complicated isn’t it? Now you can understand why people playing rummy card games prefer the Indian version over the gin rummy.

Well, every rummy variant has its own share of rules and uniqueness. However, the novice players, may it be in any country, prefer playing Indian rummy over the gin version.

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