Chip Dumping – Ethical or Unethical in Online Rummy?

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Fair play in rummy is a necessary prospect. If the game is not being played fairly then the proximity of winning in online rummy gets reduced. Thus, every online rummy app focuses on establishing different ethical rules and regulations that helps in keeping the gameplay ethical in nature. However, there’re still exceptions. When it comes to playing rummy online, you’ll find people engaging in different unethical methods to win the game in an easy way!

Chip dumping is one the most unethical ways. It completely infringes the ethical rules of the rummy card games. This is one terrible practice that shouldn’t be indulged. If you come across any online rummy app encouraging the same, then certainly you need to report the same and stop the process.

But how would you identify chip dumping? To know more, read on.

What is chip dumping?

It’s a smart deceiving strategy. In case of playing rummy in apps, there can be times when you’ll find a particular player transferring their chips to the others. This deceit is common in case of multi-player tables. Here, one player deliberately losses the game so that the friend sitting at the same table can win the game! There’s always a pre conceived agreement between the players in such cases. So, what happens in the end is the rightful player doesn’t win the game. This is not only unfair but also discouraging for the real good players of rummy.

What’s the purpose of chip dumping?

Many rummy players wonder about the major purpose behind indulging into chip dumping. Significantly the same leads to a large case of money laundering and in simple terms this is banned by all legal rummy apps. However, some of the primary reasons being:

Signup bonus amount: This is an excellent way to fulfill the rollover requirements for the signup bonus without endangering any loss of funds. So, if you and your friend both enroll into the same rummy tournament and agree to lose to one another, then both of you can withdraw your deposit amounts and also get the additional bonus. Smart trick to get rid of any risks!

Advantages during tournaments: While playing rummy online if you’re trying for the tournaments, then the instances of chip dumping will be more prominent in the gameplay. When chip dumping in applied in case of rummy tournaments, one player gets the advantage over the others by accumulating lots of chips. This gives them financial as well as psychological advantage over the others.

How to detect and prevent chip dumping?

That’s not in your hands. Its absolutely impossible to detect the chip dumping situations. However, majority online rummy apps have installed different illegal and fraudulent tracking devices that helps in identification of the chip dumping activities. Although the same has been declared to be illegal, however it doesn’t stop people from engaging in the same.

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