6 Common Types of Rummy Players in Every Indian Rummy Game

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When you get together to play a game of Indian rummy with an unfamiliar group, then the most interesting part is to figure out the characteristics of the player. You’ll get enthusiasts, the unknowledgeable, chilled ones, rule freaks, and money thirsty sharks.

Be alert, study the body language of your opponent, and be the unbeaten champion!

Whether you’re playing online or live, keep a hawk’s eye over your opponent’s every move, and to do that, you need to know the common types of rummy players that you might encounter in a game.

Who is your opponent? Is it an easy-going washroom player or serious money-hungry type? Read on and find out for yourself.

1. The calculative players

They are the ones you need to look out for in all Indian rummy games! They are the intelligent ones and are seriously interested in playing and winning the game. So, if you make any stupid moves against these players, then you’re doomed for sure! Don’t be surprised if you find such players dropping the game in between. If they anticipate that they’re going to lose, then they prefer acting logically. They’re into the game for the love of it and not for money!

2. The money thirsty shark

When it’s all for money only, you’ll find players with fast and aggressive moves. Playing using calculative moves with these players is impossible. However, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get an interesting match to look forward to. No apprehensions and playing any hand fearlessly – whenever you see such qualities in any Indian rummy players, be sure that it’s your hard day.

3. The unknowledgeable beginner

There’s a high probability that whenever you start playing a game of rummy in India, there’s always a newbie on board. It’s very easy to catch a newbie. Check out for the common factors like frequent struggles with card sequencing, setting, and lack of confidence. When you get hold of one, just relax, be confident, and show some of your enticing moves. It’s a sure shot win most of the time!

4. The cool dudes

They are the ones who can make your evenings fun. They come into the game to kill away their boredom. Win or loss is not a matter of concern for such players. Playing in good spirits is what matters. So, if you get a cool dude as your partner – sit back and enjoy the game to the fullest.

5. The multi-tasker

Not very common, but you’ll surely get one if you’re a frequent player. This type of player can do various things at the same time. Chatting, calling, watching TV, doing office work, and playing rummy skillfully – they have all of these sorted out! You can expect easy moves from these types of players and they are very common in Indian rummy games.

6. The big bluffer

If you don’t know how to bluff, then you’re not the master of the game! So, every Indian rummy lover is a bluffer. If you’ve not been able to hone your stance-reading skills, then do it now. Rummy without vigilant skills is a lost game. Keep your eyes open and catch the bluff master before he makes a smart move.

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