5 Useful Tricks to Win at Points Rummy

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Among all the different variations of Indian rummy, Points rummy is the most famous one. The major reason behind the same being, that the game can be easily learnt and completed within a short span of time. Same adventure, thrill and experience – but easy to play and quick adaptable features!

By being proactive, alert and adaptable, you can easily learn the tricks of playing this rummy. However, if you want to win easy cash by playing rummy in app, then this version is an easy option for you. For those who don’t have much experience, Points rummy is a very good option. They can easily start playing the game anytime and from any device.

However, learning the tricks of the game is of utmost importance. Once you know your way out, you can easily play and win some easy money from the game.

Trick 1: There should be no confusions in the game

Points rummy like any other version that you play in rummy app doesn’t give much chance of winning the game. Hence instead of wasting time in confusions, start making the decisions faster. If you think that the cards you have in hand are not worth making any meld, then drop the same. Points rummy is not the type of variant where you would like to experiment much! You can also be a little smart and arrange the cards in alternate black and red color, so that you can avoid any useful card that you can easily discard.

Trick 2: Be fast in making the sequences

If you’re waiting for the right sequence to win at rummy, then you’re wait will be never ending. Often waiting for a long time can land you in tricky situations. Sometimes a sequence with only 3 cards seems possible. While playing at online rummy apps, it’s impossible to see the expressions of the opponents and thus this calls for faster sequence making decisions.

Trick 3: Get rid of the unwanted cards faster

As the name suggests, this variant is called Points Rummy and hence the game is all about discarding the high pointer cards as fast as possible so that you end up with less points and win easily. So, while playing the rummy card game, be clever and alert to know which cards needs to be discarded first and which ones to hold on to!

Trick 4: Be calm and patient

Patience is the most important skill that every rummy player should be possessing. To win the game, you must memorize the rules and patiently venture through the game. Ending up with the right set of pointed cards can make you a clear shot winner! You should also focus on keeping the Joker in hand since that’s the only trump card that you have! Combine the same with the highest value cards and reduce the total points. Easy way to win the game right!

Trick 5: Set a plan B for winning the game

There should always be a plan B among the smart and clever strategies that you’re taking while playing rummy online. Points rummy is probably the easiest version available and hence losing at table doesn’t make sense. Keep more than one sequence or set-in mind while you conjure up the cards. Keep a look over the cards that are being discarded by the opponent, this can help you understand the type of sequence or set that they are trying to make!

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