5 Unknown Facts About Playing Rummy Cards

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Card games are one of the most popular games among Indians. Speaking about the rummy game, whether online or offline, it’s an all-time mind refresher. From an old man to teenagers everyone is addicted to playing rummy. But did you try to unveil the history behind the cards? There are very few players who know the history behind the game.

There is more to the online rummy than meets the eye. So, next time if you’re playing in a group, try a rummy trivia and get popular among friends.

Fact 1: Cards and their history

What is the significance behind the selection of the suits? Have you ever wondered? Well, fun fact – they are based on all real Kings. Four of them: Charlemagne (Hearts), Caesar (Diamonds), King David (Spades), and Alexander the Great (Clubs) make up the four suits of the online rummy app. In the 16th century, the extremely creative French card makers designed these four suits and the legacy goes on and on till date.

Fact 2: How did the joker come?

You may not know, but it’s the Americans who invented the joker card. If you’re thinking that the joker is the one from the Tarot cards, then you’re wrong. Americans were fond of trump cards in the game of Euchre. So, they thought of including the same as a joker card for playing the rummy game. Thanks, to the Americans, the joker is a real-time life-saver. Imagine playing rummy online without a joker, not impossible but definitely difficult.

Fact 3: Common misconception about queen

Do you find the picture on the Queen of hearts resembling that of Queen Elizabeth? Well, denying the fact is really impossible. But this is a misconception. The most striking resemblance is the flower in the hand of Queen Elizabeth and the same in the hands of the queen of hearts! You can say it’s inspirational. However, there’s no valid information on the same. Rumors say Elizabeth loved gambling and card games. So, while playing rummy in apps, you can become happy thinking that it is indeed she on the cards.

Fact 4: Facts about four suits

Previously people used to take up coins that represented the different suits for the card games. Later the use of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs came into practice. Many historians believe that 4 suits resemble the 4 different classes of society. Well, whatever might be the reason behind the nomenclature, rummy card games would have been incomplete without the same.

Fact 5: Brain booster

Believe it or not, playing the rummy game can actually boost your mental health. Not only rummy, other card games like Bridge, Poker, and Teen Patti can help you become smarter. “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” – Afterall this phrase stands true in all senses!

The more you play the game, the more interesting it gets! Just brush up the rules, download the app, and start playing. And while you’re in the middle of a game, shoot out some of these fun facts and startle your friends.

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