5 Tips to Keep You Ahead of Your Opponents in Indian Rummy

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5 Tips to Keep You Ahead of Your Opponents in Indian Rummy

Rummy games involve an incredible number of challenges. As you move up to the levels in this game, you’ll find yourself in pitfalls with no ways out of the same. Beating your opponent in a game of rummy is not only because you’ll earn money but it gives a sheer sense of pleasure. The joy of winning is irreplaceable.

If you want a better hand at rummy, then adhering to these tips might help you secure a safe position for yourself.

Tip1: Keep a hawk’s eye on the discarded section

When you’re playing rummy online, bluffing and observing the opponent’s body language is not a possibility. Then, how to increase winning probability? Simple. Keep a close eye on the discarded pile of cards. From the pattern of card discarding, you’ll be able to understand the type of sequence or set that the person is targeting. Let’s say your opponent has picked up 5 and 6 of the same suits and you’ve 7 and 8 of the same. Don’t be a fool and discard the same. Keep on hold to stop the other person from making a sequence.

Tip 2: Try making multiple sequences

The faster you get 3 sequences in hand the better! That’s the only winning strategy in Indian rummy. So, to get ahead of your challenger, from the moment you get hold of the cards, start arranging them in sequences. In this way, you’ll be able to make out the cards that are missing and keep a target on the discarded pile for the same. If you keep on playing with the target of defeating, then your concentration might get divided and you’ll end up losing.

Tip 3: Use high-value cards as a bait

High-value cards are of no use if you can’t form a sequence using the same. When you’re playing rummy to earn real money, getting rid of the high-values cards as soon as possible seems like a feasible option. But is it so? Not always! For instance, if you find your opponent taking up a Q and K card from the discarded pile, then getting rid of cards like Ace, J, 10 can help your opponent to quickly complete the sequence. Use your brains, sticking to traditional play rules will not do any good.

Tip 4: Observe the expressions of the opponents

If you’re playing live rummy, then this trick might work wonders. Almost everyone fails to disguise their happiness when they get a good card. Similarly, a bad card will make the challenger anxious and apprehensive. Take advantage of such emotional turmoil and change the game.

Tip 5: Know when to pass the game

Playing smart may save your time and money when you’re playing online rummy in the app. The pros will know that a bad hand can never make you win the game. So, why waste time at the table. Rather, pass the game and lose fewer points. If you see there’s no way to make a pure sequence, then the game is already out of your hand! Don’t drag it further.

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