5 Online Games to Play with Your Friends without Meeting Them

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Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and social interactions are the ways in which we can meet up our friends or even make new friends nowadays. Unlike the past times, when playing indoor and outdoor games were normal, interacting online with friends is the new normal now!

While playing online games, you may come across a group of like-minded people and that’s a pleasure because that’ll give you the scope of interaction with them.

With games like online rummy, you can now gather up even if you don’t have access to physical interactions and start playing and winning the cash. While some online games can be played alone, others provide multiplayer options.

So instead of running into the fields and waiting for your friends to find time for you, take up your mobile phone, download games like online rummy, and start playing.

1. Online rummy:

Most widely played rummy online games are fun and mind-jerking at the same time. Previously you might have seen your grandparents sitting down at home in the evening to play rummy. Why bother people with house coming expenses? Just log into online rummy and start playing the same with your friends.

You just need two people for an interesting match. Ask your best friend and get on with the game.

2. Online Ludo:

There’s non who haven’t played Ludo in their childhood. However, hectic life has hindered us from relieving our childhood memories. Hence, online Ludo is one of the commonest forms of online games that will make you relive your memories.

Hurry… players are waiting for you to go online. Start rolling the dice and enjoy the game.

3. Online pool:

Once it was the most played game and it needs a multiplayer base. It’s a very interesting game and requires high mental skills to play the same. However, if you’re not a trained pool player, then you can face issues in playing it online. Once you’ve mastered the art of playing the same offline, you’ll get hold of the game and love it!

You’ll surely enjoy the company of the dynamic challengers who are ready to play with you online.

4. Online poker:

Well, poker is the other online game widely played after rummy. It’s all about the cards and the twisted strategies. Although the word poker readily brings in the picture of a casino in the minds, playing poker online is as easy as playing it live.

With just a little bit of brain, start playing the same. You may not win at the initial levels but will become an expert in the same.

5. Online volleyball:

How about a beach volleyball round with your friends while you’re comfortably lying down on your couch? Sounds interesting? Well, there are online volleyball games that’ll allow you to do the same. Play a toe-to-toe exhilarating match without spending any penny for a beach holiday.

With technology taking up massive parts of our life, games have also shifted from fields to online versions. It may be fun but the real feel is still missing.

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